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Sunday Snippet: The First Real Snippet for 2022 Edition

It’s cold here–like really cold. Single digits cold. We went up to check on the lake cottage on Thursday and discovered that the pilot light on the furnace had blown out in the high winds they’d had on Tuesday and Wednesday. It was 23 degrees in the cottage and the antifreeze in the toilets had a skim of ice. Yikes! Husband relit the pilot and then we went to friend Moe’s (she’s a year-rounder) and stayed in her warm house until ours got up to a decent temperature. The cottage is totally winterized, so all is well, and the time away from my computer gave me the opportunity to sit with my iPad and read through my current WIP, which was a blessing since I hadn’t done that yet.

The good news is the book held together–everything made sense, I only found a few places that needed tweaking, and all in all, I really like the story. Now for getting to the finish line and turning it in to my editor, which always makes my stomach churn. So, another intense writing week is coming up for me–all-day writing sessions, fitting in quick rounds on the treadmill so I don’t get “stove up” as my Aunt Alice used to say, and Husband pretty much tossing meals at me and keeping the household running smoothly. I do love that guy. My reward will come the following week when Liz and I head out for our winter writing retreat. Can. Not. Wait.

Oh, I did say there would be a real snippet, didn’t I? Well, here you go. A quick snippet from The Valentine Wager, which releases February 1 and is currently available for preorder. No setup for this one, except to say that the attraction between Kitt and Ryker has intensified and despite their agreement to remain strictly friends… well…

The kiss was everything Kitt had fantasized about Ryker Lange since that first morning when he’d peered into her car window. Easy and gentle at first, then building in urgency until she was drowning in his lips, his arm around her, his gloved hand holding her head steady as he ravaged her mouth. How could she not respond? All in all, it was a remarkable kiss. His lips were soft; their tongues tangled in a thrust-and-parry that left her breathless. When he finally lifted his mouth, the hunger in his stormy eyes made her toes curl inside her riding boots.

Dear God in heaven, how I want him.

He rested his forehead against hers, his breathing uneven, and it was impossible to tell whether it was his heart or hers she felt thumping through the of the layers of clothing between them. A flurry of expressions chased across his face before settling on a quiet upturn of his lips, a contradiction of arrogance and vulnerability that disarmed her completely.

“Oh, God, and ye can kiss, too.” She gasped when she realized she’d said the words out loud and, fingers splayed against his parka, she pushed away from him. “Why are you deliberately making yourself more attractive to me? How is that fair?”

Hope you enjoyed that sneak peek into Kitt and Ryker’s romance and if you haven’t pre-ordered The Valentine Wager yet, I really hope this scene sends you racing to the nearest book retailer. 😉

Until next Sunday, stay well, stay safe, for heaven’s sake, please wear your mask, and most of all, stay grateful, mes amies.