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Sunday Snippet: The New Year Edition

It’s 2022. I’m celebrating, but very quietly. It’s almost as if I’m tiptoeing into the new year, holding my breath, not touching anything, and looking around for whatever is going to fall on our collective heads next. I hate that this is what I’ve become–a person who approaches everything with such caution, even a new year. But if the last two years have taught me anything at it, it’s to pay attention, to be careful, to know what’s happening in the world around me.

There is a lot happening this year for me–I have three new books releasing in 2022 and I have two book signings that I hope can happen in spite of the pandemic. I’m working on three more books for Tule Publishing for 2023. My little town of River’s Edge has a lot going on and that’s wonderful, but it’s fiction. How easy it would be to simply tuck myself away in that fictional place and stay there until whatever is going to become of our world finally happens. Very tempting, mes amies.

But I don’t actually live in that little river town, even though, sometimes, it feels more real that the world I do live in. So I will continue to be in the sometimes scary, but always interesting, real world. I’m not going to make any bold resolutions, claim a word for the year, or state with brassy intention what my 2022 should look like. Instead, I’ll go gently into this new year, treading softly and working steadily at my life’s calling.

I’ll be here every Sunday and doing Author Spotlights regularly because I love introducing you to new writers and sharing their books and good news. There will plenty of book promotion–did I mention I have three books coming out in 2022?–and lots of meandering and probably oversharing, but you’ve learned to expect that from me, right? I hope you’ll hang in with me, continue to stop by each week, and share your lives with me.

In the meantime, stay well, stay safe, wear your mask, and most of all, mes amies, continue to stay grateful as we creep into this new year. Happy New Year, everyone!


  • Leigh Ann Edwards

    Cautious is always good. I understand the inclination to want to stay in your lovely fictional town. I sometimes want to remain in my fantasy worlds, too. Thankfully we have our husbands, dear friends, family and grandkids to make us want to be present even when things are scary!
    Happy New Year, Nan! I enjoy your Sunday Snippets very much!

    • Nan

      Thank you, Leigh! So glad you stopped by and yes to everything you say! We are so fortunate to have all those special people in our lives and I’m glad you are in mine!