The Weaver Sisters, More Stories from River’s Edge

Nan Reinhardt and Tule Publishing present The Weaver Sisters, more small-town romance from River’s Edge, the little town on the banks of the Ohio River where we’d all love to live!

Triplets Jasmine, Joanna, and Jennifer Weaver spent an idyllic childhood in River’s Edge, Indiana, working at the family marina and loving river life. But growing up meant each girl had to follow her own dream. As their 15-year high school reunion draws near, all three sisters feel change in the air.

After ten years living among the power elite in Washington, DC, Jasmine—Jazz—chooses integrity amidst a scandal with her congresswoman boss and ends up back home in disgrace, unemployed, defeated, and unsure what to do next. When she runs, literally, into her old high school sweetheart, suddenly anything feels possible.

Joanna—Jo—loves her simple life in River’s Edge, working as a boat mechanic like her father and grandfather before her. She’s always disdained the wealthy, entitled folks who cruised the river every summer, so her world is turned upside down when she finds herself attracted to a rich, handsome river rat when he lands at the marina needing help with his yacht.

Jennifer—Jenny—is back in River’s Edge with her eight-year-old son after a bitter divorce from her high school sweetheart. She’s healing, but wary, and wants to simply focus on her son and help in the family business. Her plans go awry when a former nerdy classmate shows up transformed into a handsome, hot professor.

If you love sweet, small-town romance, you’ll want to return River’s Edge, and meet The Weaver Sisters. The series begins releasing April 18, 2023 with Jasmine’s story, Home to River’s Edge.

Would you love to visit River’s Edge, Indiana? Here’s a map to help you find your way around!

Home to River’s Edge

She’s determined to start a new chapter, so why is she still drawn to a man from her past?

When Jasmine Weaver, the chief of staff to a powerful D.C. congresswoman, chose integrity, she didn’t anticipate ringing in the New Year disgraced, unemployed, and sleeping in her childhood bedroom. Now back in River’s Edge, Indiana, identical triplet Jazz has her sisters’ support while she plans her next steps. She agrees to lead the committee for their high school’s fifteenth reunion, never dreaming that her co-chair is the man who broke her teenage heart.

As the new CEO of Walker Construction, Elias Walker has taken the family business to new levels of success. He’s buried himself in work to ease the grief of losing his fiancé several years earlier and wants nothing more than to be a carpenter again. He grudgingly agrees to co-chair the high school’s reunion committee, but when Jazz Weaver blows into town, suddenly anything seems possible.

These high school sweethearts have lived half their lives apart. Can they reinvent themselves back in the town where it all began?

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Meet Me in River’s Edge

He’s haunted by his past. She can’t get beyond hers.

Boat mechanic Jo Weaver has been self-protecting since a tragic experience left her wary of men, especially the rich ones. That is until Alex Briggs falls, literally, into her life.

Alex Briggs, born to the Briggs Hotels International fortune, has never fit into his family’s business, preferring his lab where he’s researching a cure for diabetes—the disease that took his twin sister, Arianna, when they were teenagers.

Falling in love isn’t on either of their agendas, but the fireworks when they meet are impossible to ignore.


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Christmas in River’s Edge

The attraction is real, now they just need everyone else to get out of the way…

Jennifer Weaver is back in River’s Edge with her eight-year-old son after a bitter divorce from her high school sweetheart. She’s healing, but simply wants to focus on her son and help out at the family marina. Her plans go awry when a nerdy former classmate shows up at their 15th high school reunion transformed into a fascinating, hot professor.

Archeologist and History professor, Gabriel Dawson thought he’d outgrown the huge crush he’d had on Jenny Weaver all through high school, but seeing her at their reunion brought it all back to him. When an archeological find in the cliffs near River’s Edge brings him to town again, he sees a chance to fan the spark they shared at the reunion into a bonfire.

Jenny and Gabe can’t stay away from each other, but despite their white-hot attraction, are their lives too separate and complicated to make a go of it?

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