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Sunday Snippet: The I’m Going on Retreat Edition

Yup, I am going on retreat and I’m so excited, I could jump out of my skin! Liz and I are headed to a little hotel in the southern part of the state, where we will probably pretty much be the only guests. There’s a lovely restaurant downstairs and the little tourist town we’ll be in is pretty much closed up for winter.

We will write and process and brainstorm and talk. There will be wine and chocolate and cheese and crackers and coffee because that’s how Liz and I roll, but mostly we’ll be writing. She is a little past midway in her current book, and I hope to be starting a new one–my next book the Weaver Sisters series for Tule. This series feels different and I think it might be because I’m coming from a different place. The first two series were brothers, so necessarily, the male POV dominated the stories. The Weaver sisters come more from a place inside me, from my own history, and that isn’t easier, but it feels more authentic. We’ll see how it works, eh?

Be sure to check in at the Word Wranglers blog–we’ll be talking retreat and self-care there and sharing some of our experiences and impressions of our January adventure.

Time for some shameless self promotion (sorry, it’s mandatory). The Valentine Wager releases on February 1 and I will be all over the internet waving my hands and shouting “Woohoo! I have a new book out!” Hope you’ll check out my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram posts and join me in some release fun. On February 5, I’ll be at Whyte Horse Winery for a Wine and Romance book signing and on February 12, I’ll be at Gal’s Guide Library at Nickel Plate Arts to sign books and meet readers. Both events are from 2 to 4 p.m. I hope I’ll see some of my local readers!  I’ll even have a little Valentine giveaway here on Sunday February 6, so stay tuned, okay?

In the meantime, please, please be aware of how high the covid numbers are right now and stay out of crowds. Be safe, be well, wear your mask, and most of all, be grateful.