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Author Spotlight: Liz Flaherty Has a New Spring Release!

I love having my bestie on the blog, especially when I get to crow about her latest book! She’s got a new one coming out in April, but you can get a sneak peek if you… oh heck, I’ll let her tell you all about it!

No matter how many books into being a writer you are, every new release is nearly as thrilling as the first one. Not every cover—oh, heavens, no—and, for traditional authors, not every publisher or contract, but every story.

It’s interesting to me that once a book is published, it’s not all that much mine anymore. One reason I’m often meh about people covers is that when I’m reading a story, it becomes mine, and I want to decide what the people look like. How old they are. If they’re really that thin or if his eyes are really that close together.

I hope when readers open my books, those stories become theirs, too, and that they like them. They don’t have to have their lives changed by my exciting prose, but if I’ve given you a good afternoon or couple of days, my job is done. And, like I said, it’s just as thrilling as the first time.

Life’s Too Short for White Walls will be released by The Wild Rose Press on April 20. I don’t have the preorder date yet, but what I do have are some ARCs available for free from Booksprout. I hope you take one and that it gives you that good afternoon.

Thanks to bestie Nan for having me here today, and thanks for stopping by!

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