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Sunday Snippet: The Introducing the Walker Family & a Giveaway Edition

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Wow–I can’t believe January is nearly half over, can you? Or that it’s time to start promotion on the new River’s Edge series The Walkers of River’s Edge. Y’all know the Walkers, they’ve been around in other stories, including Home to River’s Edge. Jazz Weaver fell in love with Eli Walker, and at the end of Christmas in River’s Edge, Jenny and Gabe attended Jazz and Eli’s wedding on New Year’s Day.

The other Walkers have their own stories to tell and first up is Jackson Walker, the CEO and head of the family construction company. It’s been a rough year for Walker Construction and Jack needs to get the business back on track…  Here’s the blurb and the absolutely gorgeous cover (thank you, designer Lee Hyat!) for Book 1 in the Walkers of River’s Edge series, Make You Mine, Jack Walker and Maddie Ross’s story:

When his family’s company is on the line, business and pleasure definitely don’t mix, but maybe they should…

Madeline Ross left the city and a career glass ceiling behind, hoping to build a new life as the crew supervisor for Walker Construction in River’s Edge. She’s qualified and experienced, but new CEO Jackson Walker hires someone else. Even as she searches for a different job and builds a life in River’s Edge, the sexy memory of Jack teases.

After a rough year, Jackson Walker’s family business is still struggling. He needs a new construction crew supervisor, and Maddie Ross is perfect, except for the first time in his life, player Jack is suddenly smitten with the curvaceous redhead. He wants her in his bed more than on his payroll.

When his second-rate new hire is a disastrous mistake, Jack humbles himself on Maddie’s doorstep with an offer she can’t refuse. Maddie could be the key to saving his company as long as he hides his heart. But does he have to?

Are you intrigued? Looking forward to more stories from River’s Edge? Sure hope so! Stay tuned next Sunday for a snippet from Make You Mine.

Let’s do a little giveaway…just a quick one for folks who’ve read enough River’s Edge stories to maybe figure out this quick quiz. Can you name the Walkers? Hint: There are five of them, and I’ve already named two in this post. There’s a $5 Amazon gift card and a free e-book copy of Home to River’s Edge up for grabs for one lucky reader who can name all five Walker cousins in the comments below. I’ll draw a winner on Tuesday, January 16. 

Gratitude for this week: Snow! WIP is coming along. I’ve nearly lost all the extra pounds I gained over the holidays. Our warm cozy house, flannel sheets, and our wonderful canopied bed. 

Stay well, stay safe (big Covid, flu, and RSV upsurge happening, so take precautions), be kind to those around you, and most of all, mes amis, stay grateful.