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Sunday Snippet: The Wow, What a Week Edition

And it was indeed, mes amies, quite a week! Author Nan has had a pretty cool time this past week. Right off, the story for Joey and Kara–book 2 in the Walkers of River Edge series is underway and so far, I’m liking it. Right now, the best part is researching garden shops and nurseries and plants. Wow. So much to learn to write these two characters. It’s a shame I don’t retain too much of what I learn in this research, isn’t it?

Next, the Authors Over 50 podcast I did with Julia Daily ,back in April, dropped on Thursday and I sound halfway intelligent, which is always a good thing. She does a great interview, and I appreciated her taking time to talk to me. The interview centered around my first book Once More From the Top, which was published on my 60th birthday. Julia celebrates authors who began writing in what she calls “life’s sweetest third.” I love that term! It was a treat to chat with her.

Then I got a note from my publisher telling me that Publisher’s Weekly had reviewed my upcoming (October 23) Christmas romance, Christmas in River’s Edge. Squee! I mean seriously, woohoo! I never imagined that the leading professional journal for publishing today would ever pay attention to me and I am so very delighted with the review that included these wonderful words: “Reinhardt’s tale ably captures the messiness of ex-husbands and new loves, and she makes it easy to care about her multifaceted characters. Chaste, adorable, and festive, this is sure to win over small-town romance fans.” What a high it is to read this review–I keep going to website because I simply can’t believe they read my book!  Can you tell I’m gobsmacked and overjoyed?

And on Friday, I got to have a work day with Liz, which always, always sets me up. So all in all, a good week, yeah?

Next week is release week for Meet Me in River’s Edge, book 2 in the Weaver Sisters series, so I’ll be here… I’ll be everywhere, actually, so gird your loins. It’s going to be quite a ride.

Gratitude for this week: A great review from Publisher’s Weekly; Grandboy started 6th grade and was voted patrol leader in his Boy Scout troop; we finally got real rain both at home and at the lake; got a good start on Kara and Joey’s story; had a wonderful work day with Liz.

Stay well, stay safe (keep that mask handy, we’re in a surge), be kind, and most of all, mes amies, stay grateful!




  • VickiB-Calif

    I am so excited for the new release this week. I can hardly wait to be able to get my copy and start reading. I am very happy that I started reading Nan’s books, and that they will continue. I love how the different story lines and characters keep connecting with each other. Bravo to a fantastic author.

  • Liz Flaherty

    What a gift a good week is! I’m happy for all your joys. And I was happy for the workday, too!