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Sunday Snippet: The There’s Another Mother’s Day Treat Edition

Yup, there is indeed more Mother’s Day celebrations! My publisher, Tule Publishing sure loves to celebrate moms and I’m so glad they do. I’m a mom, I had a great mom, Son married a woman who is a terrific mom to my darling Grandboy. All in all, I’m in favor of moms. So happy Mother’s Day to all who are moms, have a mom, been a mom figure to anyone ever… in other words, women everywhere.

So as a quick reminder,<– this Happy Mother’s Day boxed set, which happens to include book 4 in my Four Irish Brothers Winery series, The Baby Contract, is still available at a fantastic price. But it’s only going to be around until the end of May, so grab it while you can!

As a special Mother’s Day treat, Tule is doing a fantastic sale over in their Bookshop! All titles are 50% off! This includes all my currently available River’s Edge titles, so hop on over and use the code MOMLOVE at checkout. If you haven’t read all the River’s Edge books, here’s a chance to get them all at a great price!

Gratitude for this week: Finally getting words in on Annabelle and Sawyer’s book; gardens are mulched and looking wonderful; saw South Pacific at the symphony with Son and Husband last night–a real treat; bought flowers with neighbor Mary–always so much fun! Added lavender to my office garden; and it looks like the hollyhocks are going to come back!

Stay well, be kind to everyone you meet, and most of all, mes amis, stay grateful!