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Sunday Snippet: The Summer’s Closing…Sorta Edition

I really can’t believe it’s Labor Day Weekend. The lake is busy, busy as it is every holiday weekend, so we went out early this morning for a boat ride to avoid the crazy. There is a sort of leaving feeling in the air here in our little lake community. Some folks will close up their cottages for the season, others (like us) hang on a bit longer. We generally start closing up closer to Halloween, but we’ll pull the boat in late September or mid-October.

But fall is definitely on the way. The cottonwoods and walnut trees are turning yellow and dropping leaves. On our way up to the lake on Wednesday, we saw soybean fields turning yellow already! The orchard will be open soon, which means apples, cider, cobbler, and pie. Grandboy and Poppy will get to play with the apple peeler/corer, which brings them both great joy.

I’m ruminating on changing seasons, but also thinking about life changes–how much has changed since we bought our lake cottage twelve years ago. The group of friends who’d been here for years immediately took us in like a couple waifs and shared their camaraderie and love, no questions asked.

Over the years. we’ve spent more beer-30s than I can say on someone’s deck or porch, including ours, sipping beverages, snacking, and chattering like we didn’t see each other every day. Husband I heard so many stories and shared some of our own that first few years, but how things have changed up here. We’ve lost two dear ones to cancer, others have sold and moved on, we are all aging and feeling the years in our hips and knees. Our little group of twelve has shrunk, but it’s also growing again with new lake folks coming in. So new friends are always a blessing. Plus our kids are have a place here now, too, so doubly blessed.

Change is inevitable–I’ve learned that in nearly 70 years of life, but the knowing doesn’t make the fact any easier to swallow, and sometimes…not always, but just sometimes, I wish life could stay exactly as it is right this minute. What about you?

Gratitude for this week: Lake has been lovely. Two boat rides already this week. Time with Grandboy, Lake pal, Bill, seems better. BookBub is flying along well.

Stay well, stay safe (You might need a mask now and again–please don’t rebel against wearing one if needed), be kind, and most of all, mes amies, stay grateful!


FYI: Meant to Be is still a free e-book at all retailers–Hope you’ll grab it if you haven’t already read it!