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Sunday Snippet: The QOTD and a Snippet Edition

Yeah, again, I’ve got nothing. Writer bestie Liz says when you have nothing, make a list. I thought about a list, but then I remembered that I have a list–“A Year of Journal Prompts.” Why wouldn’t that work for a blog, too? So I dug it out and found the one for March 27. “Pick a movie character you identify with.” Really?

Argh! I was going to skip that, but then I thought–you know, this could be a good exercise. A movie character I identify with… the one I truly identify with, not the one I’d like to be. I think my answer would have to be Jo March in Little Women. I’m not sure that’s a good answer, but Little Women was the first film that came to mind and Jo, the first character about whom I thought, “yeah, I know just how she feels.” Jo was a good writer who longed to be a great writer… I get that. She was also a restless soul, yet so tied to her home and her family and what was familiar that she stayed close. I get that, too. I have restless times, where I just want to go…but I also cherish home and all that it means.

So, I’m going with Jo March as the film character I most identify with, and I’m going to ease the restless writer by writing about my little town on the Ohio River. Here’s a quick snippet from Falling for the Doctor, book 2 in the Lange Brothers series, which releases June 7, but is available for pre-order right now.

THE kiss was …extraordinary. Max’s brain kept repeating that word—extraordinary—even as his heart raced and his knees went weak. She was extraordinary. He kept the touch light, in spite of his mad desire to simply pull her against him and explore the wine-sweet taste of her.

She gripped his shirt, slowly tilted her head, slipped one arm around his neck, and thrust her fingers into the hair hanging over his collar. Then shock of all shocks, she touched the seam of his lips with her tongue, inviting him in, welcoming him.

Max’s heart nearly pounded out of his chest as their tongues met and played, and he slid his hand around to hold the back of her head. Her red-blond hair was as silky as he’d imagined, and her curves fit against him as if they’d been made for each other.

When she pulled away, her eyes were huge, reflecting the wonder in his own dazed thoughts. This, whatever this was, had shaken him to his very core and she appeared to be equally affected. Her hand trembled as she took her arm away from around his neck and for a moment, she simply rested her forehead  against his chest.

“Wow,” she whispered, finally looking up. “Wow.”

Don’t you love a good kiss? Yeah, me, too. That’s not the question of the day, though. The QOTD is this: What movie character do you identify with? Tell me in a comment below. Inquiring minds want to know…

Stay well, stay safe, send light to Ukraine, be kind, and most of all, mes amies, stay grateful.





    • Nan

      Hi, Denise! I know–she has always fascinated me since Mom read the book to us when I was a kid, and Wynona’s interpretation of her in the Denise DiNovi film was just wonderful! Thanks for stopping by!

  • Sandy Pride

    Years ago, I identified with Jo. I wrote all the time and had a teacher who encouraged that. My oldest daughter is Elizabeth, we call her Beth, from “Little Women.” I tried to read the book again as an adult and I like the movie versions better now. I remember having to do a presentation for book week and I chose a portion of “Little Women,” and had friends help me act it out; a picture of us was in the local paper. These are very scrambled thoughts, sorry.

    • Nan

      Sandy, so glad you came by! How fun to act out a scene from Little Women! I’ve probably read the book 10 times in my life, including Mom’s reading it aloud to us when we were kids. I love the Denise DiNovi version of Little Women the best of all the films. For the rich cinematography alone, that version is worth watching.