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Sunday Snippet: The Hey, It’s Just Me Edition

Yeah, sometimes a blog post is nothing more than “hey, it’s me!” Today is one of those Sundays, mostly because I have very little to say. I’m writing, I’m editing, I’m taking walks and swimming, and doing the usual stuff. Authors may have wonderful fantasy lives, but our regular lives are pretty ordinary. Even my news is sorta meh–I got new glasses and new contacts. The dentist decided not to do a root canal on my aching tooth, and instead is having me use a mouth guard at night, so I have one–it makes me sound funny, but since I wear it at night, who really cares? We have a duck egg next to our front stoop, but so far neither of us have seen a duck… really, life is pretty mundane right now.

So here you go–something fun. If you aren’t a member of BookBub yet, you totally should be. It’s a great website that offers wonderful deals on books of all genres. It’s totally free! Just go here and sign up, choose the genres that interest you, and BookBub will send you an email daily with books that are either free or incredibly discounted. I’ve discovered so many new authors through BookBub. I highly recommend this site if you are an avid e-reader.

And another cool thing about BookBub is that I’m on it. All the books I have out are right there along with reviews and my profile. Not sure that makes me famous, but at least you can have a list of everything I’ve had published so far and anticipate my next release, because it’s there, too.

  Stay well, stay safe, send light to Ukraine, be kind, and most all of stay grateful,