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Sunday Snippet: The Learning Curve Edition

You know, if you’d asked me, say 10 or even 5 years ago, if I still had tons of stuff to learn, I might have told you, “Nope, I’ve lived and loved a lot of years…I think I’m pretty well where I should be knowledge-wise.”

And wouldn’t that have been arrogant and presumptuous of me?

I discover, pretty much daily, that knowledge is a growing and expanding thing. When there is something I feel I’ve learned all I can about or more specifically, all I care to learn about, well, the Universe laughs.

Case in point–book promotion. Something I sorta suck at and yet, I must do, so I’m learning how to do A+ Content on Amazon for my novels. These are graphics that appear on your book pages and push the story. Thanks to the incredible team at Tule Publishing, my Amazon book pages look fabulous, but they offered the authors another opportunity to promote on our book pages. Wowzers… it’s pretty cool, but man, I was overwhelmed at the idea at first because I suck at graphics. Then I hit up my good friend, Google, and voila! There it was! How to do it in an application I already owned. I’ve gotten one done and I’m going to do another this weekend for my new Tule series, The Lange Brothers. Then I’m going to try doing them for my indie books, The Women of Willow Bay, just for the practice. It’ll be good for me.

So…here’s the thing. Never say never about anything new. Although I do have a caveat to add to that at this early autumn point in my life–no TikTok. Huh-uh! I have no interest in putting my old mug on the internet in a video. Nan in Vistavision? Don’t think so.  TikTok is for young, pretty people in my opinion. Also no Instagram videos with me in them. Not that I think I am unattractive, but I think selfie videos of me are where I have to draw the metaphorical line. That’s not about a reluctance to learn something new. It’s that I have a hard time posting still shots of myself on social media–the idea of videos make me cringe.

That said… go out and find something new to learn this week. A new skill is grand, but not necessary to achieve some new knowledge each day. My mom always said we should learn something new every day, even if it’s just a word or a fact or simply the name of that person you pass on your daily walk. Never stop learning, mes amies…it’s how the world becomes a better place and you in it.

Stay well, stay safe, send light to Ukraine, be kind, and most of all, stay grateful,