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Sunday Snippet: The It’s a Snippet Edition

Beth R, you are the winner of a free e-book! I’ll be in touch!

Good Sunday morning to y’all. The sun is supposed to be shining here at the lake after a few days of gloomy skies and rain, rain, rain. However, no sign of sun yet, it’s rather cloudy and foggy… I imagine the sun will be along at some point. I’m working quite a bit right now and trying hard to get writing done on the second book in the Weaver Sisters trilogy. I’m also pushing like mad to get promotion set up for Falling for the Doctor. To that end, here’s a quick snippet from the second Lange Brothers book, which releases in just two and half weeks.

In this scene, Lauren meets another citizen of River’s Edge–Samantha Flaherty. You may remember Sam from the very first River’s Edge book, A Small Town Christmas. She’s thriving!

Lauren caught sight of the child running along the River Walk before she saw his harried mom, pushing a three-wheeled stroller and jogging along behind him.

“Griffin, get back here!” The mother increased her speed, but the little guy was pretty far ahead of her, almost to Lauren’s position on a bench in front of the inn.

It was early when she’d brought her cup of coffee outside to watch the sun rise as the fog lifted over the river. Now, the fog was nearly burned off and she needed to get ready to go to the hospital. Setting her cup down, she rose to stand in the center of the River Walk, ready to stop the kid before he got to the end near the bridge that spanned the Ohio River. There was a gate, although he could zip around it before his mom ever caught up to him. The thought of the child making his way up the grassy hillside to the road and then onto a bridge full of cars set Lauren’s heart thumping. When he was almost even with her, she knelt down and captured him in her arms.

His eyes, blue as cornflowers, grew huge. “Hey, you’re a stranger!”

She smiled at him and waved to his mother. “Hey, you’re a kid who’s in danger of going into the street.” She set him down, keeping hold of his hand.

He gave her a disgusted look. “I always stop at the gate.”

“I’m a stranger. How would I know that?”

He was considering her words when his mother appeared, only slightly breathless from racing after him. Her auburn hair was pulled back into a pert ponytail and she used the hem of her shirt to wipe perspiration from her face. “Thank you. This is his new thing. He thinks it’s funny to make me chase him. Griffin Conor Flaherty, honestly, you’re going to make me resort to the child leash that Mimi threatened to buy us if you don’t quit racing ahead like that.”

“I always stop at the gate,” Griff repeated reasonably, sounding more like a teenager than the toddler he clearly was. “You should trust me, Ma.”

“I would trust you if you minded me, you little scamp.” The woman stuck out her hand. “Hi, I’m Sam Flaherty. And these kidlets are Griff and Liam, two of my three.” She pointed first to the older boy and then to the sleeping baby in the stroller. “My daughter, Ali, is at school.”

“She’s in second grade. Every day!” Griff piped up. “I only go to preschool on two days.”

Lauren shook her hand. “Lauren Mitchell.” She smiled down at Griff. “Every day! Wow your big sister must be all grown up.”

The boy’s eyes shone. “Second grade isn’t all grown up yet.” He sounded remarkably mature for a preschooler. “But she is tall.”

Sam’s long assessment of Lauren’s tidy chignon and professional light blue pantsuit made Lauren feel a bit self-conscious, until Sam lifted her chin toward the hotel. “Business or pleasure? I don’t recognize you and I pretty much know most everyone in town.”

“Business. I may have to return for a vacation, though. This town is beautiful, and I love the inn.” It seemed churlish not to respond in kind to Sam’s open friendly manner and besides, she was longing for some female company. She missed her bestie, Anna, who was in Africa with Doctors without Borders and rarely able to get a signal deep in the tropical savannah. Sam’s smile reminded her of long talks into the night with Anna after arduous days at the hospital in Indianapolis. “I’m here teaching surgeons and staff how to use some equipment in the new heart wing at St. Mark’s.”

Sam’s eyes widened. “Oh…you’re Max’s…um…I mean…you’re that…” She stopped, shrugging self-consciously, finally confessing, “I…um…I heard your name mentioned at the diner this morning when I stopped for coffee.” She bent over the stroller to straighten the light blanket on the sleeping child there, before looking up, slightly abashed. “Sorry. I really hate gossip and I try to ignore it as best I can.”

Lauren already liked this pretty young woman. “Don’t worry about it. I am friends with Max Lange, and it was obvious to several folks standing around the hotel lobby last night that we enjoy each other’s company.” She chuckled. “I guess if you kiss somebody in a public lobby, you should expect to be talked about, eh?”

Hope you enjoyed this little trip back to River’s Edge. Please do click to pre-order Falling for the Doctor and as along as we’re here and enjoying River’s Edge stories, let’s do a little pre-release giveaway. For a chance to win a free e-copy of your choice of any one of my River’s Edge novels to date, including the newest one, Max Lange’s story, Falling for the Doctor, comment below with whether your small town or big city person. I’ll announce a winner on Tuesday.

Gratitude for this week: I bought some lavender and planted it in my office garden; Husband lit up our new deck and it looks great; we had supper with Grandboy last night and taught him how to play Skipbo; I’m mostly back in my early morning writing routine; and I’m managing to get in anywhere from 5K to 8K steps and sometimes even more every day. Feels good!

Stay well, stay safe, continue to send light to Ukraine, and most of all, mes amies, stay grateful!

Stay well, stay safe, continue to send light to Ukraine, and most of all, mes amies, stay grateful!



  • Rita Jo Reitz

    I prefer small towns but I live in the city. I will qualify that with it’s a quiet neighborhood of apartments.

  • Vickie Ann McCoy

    I prefer books set in small towns, but in real life, I’m in neither. Like so many, it’s suburban cul-de-sac life for me… which is probably why I read books with better locations.

    • Nan

      Hye, Vicky, real life is a cul-de-sac for me too, but my neighborhood is cozy with lots of big old trees and pretty custom homes, so it has a little bit of a small town feel in the big city. 😉

  • Melissa Combrink

    Most definitely a small town person. The bad thing is everyone is up in your business but the good thing is everyone knows everyone.

    • Nan

      Hi, Melissa, thanks for stopping by! I like that about small towns and yeah, everyone in River’s Edge is pretty much up in everyone else’s business…it’s fun!

    • Nan

      I’m a big city gal, but my heart is in small towns, so my fictional world is a small town that is my ideal. 😉 Glad you stopped by Robin!

  • Beth R

    I’m a small town girl but I think that’s because I live in a small town and I like it like that

    • Nan

      Hi, Beth! That’s important–to like where you live. I’ve always lived in the city, but fell in love with the little Ohio River town that River’s Edge is based on–I could totally live there. Thanks for coming by!