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Sunday Snippet: The I Need a Break from Technology Edition

Congratulations to Deb Pruss! You are my winner of an e-book ARC of The Fireman’s Christmas Wish. Thank you to everyone who stopped by and you who took the time to comment. What a great conversation!

Do you ever wonder how we survived before computers and cell phones and Facebook and Instagram and Twitter and websites and blogs? I can’t remember when I last dialed (literally dialed) a telephone or used the tuner on the television to change the station. When I last typed something a typewriter or used a paper roadmap to figure out where I was going, or opened a recipe book to find a new way to cook chicken. I google every thing now. Texting is second nature now, too, as is taking pictures with my phone, and FaceTiming with my sister.

Life has changed so much in the last twenty years, my head spins thinking about it, and yet, I am awestruck when I think about my MIL–Rosemary–who is 97. Think, just think, how much the world has changed since she was born in 1925. It’s mind-boggling. She doesn’t do computers or email or cell phones or texting and honestly, there’s a small part of me that envies her that freedom. To be able to simply dial a phone and call someone, to get my news from a newspaper instead of a website, to receive a real letter in the mail… wouldn’t that be lovely?

All that said, without all the technology available to us today, my writing career probably wouldn’t have taken off quite so well. I wouldn’t be a part of Tule Publishing, which would be a terrible shame because I adore being a Tule author. My editing career might have been harder–I’d be doing it on paper with a red pen instead of Track Changes in Word. I actually did some editing like that in the early days and it was much more difficult. Just Word’s Find and Replace feature makes the time’s technology is a pain in the but totally worth it.

I’m not wishing we could go back in time–so much of what makes my life lovely today is technology. I love zipping a text to Son or DIL or Sis and getting little love notes from Husband. I’m glad I can check the weather on my phone and GPS my way to anyplace in the US. I like getting coupons and sale notices from my favorite stores in my email and hearing from dear friends there, too. It’s terrific to be able to “talk” to Liz every morning on Google Chat and “meet up” with my editor and my friends on G-Meet or Zoom. The pandemic lockdowns would have been a lot harder. But maybe a a few days away from my devices would be nice.

So talk to me–what do you think? Has technology made your life better or would you rather go back in time? Let’s make this a giveaway, want to? There’s a e-book ARC of The Fireman’s Christmas Wish (not releasing until October 18, so this is a sneak peek!) for one lucky commenter today.

Gratitude for this week: Husband and Son are getting some Dad/Son time this weekend at the lake; got my revisions back on Jo’s back–several great suggestions, but all in all, my editor liked the book; we cleaned the house from top to bottom; got in lots of steps; got some sister time with PJ. 

Stay well, Stay safe, hang on to your masks–we’re not done with them yet; be kind, and most of all, mes amies, stay grateful!


  • Shari Jahn

    I miss talking to friends and family on the phone. My daughter will not even answer her phone unless she has to! Technology is wonderful and it has helped make life so much easier but I feel like it took something from us too.

    • Nan

      Shari, I totally get that, and I hate it when kids won’t answer the phone when it is their parents. We taught you to use a spoon for pete’s sake–have a little respect and answer your damn phone.

  • girlfromwva

    i miss getting letters from my Mom, but i am sure if she were still here, we would have texted or called daily.
    i enjoy the friends i have made on FB, especially since alot of them are in different states.
    i love my kindle fire for reading while traveling. plus it frees up space on the bookcase shelves.
    i sometimes miss the uninterrupted trips to the store, but then grateful for an instant connection in times of trouble.

    • Nan

      I get what you’re saying about letters from Mom–my mom would have been an avid texter if she were still here, too! Thanks for stopping by!!

    • Renee

      There are good and bad for both. I do miss the past and I wish my kids could have experienced the time with no technology. But at the same time the tech of today makes things easier. By the way I have loved the new stories excited to read the new one.

      • Nan

        Yes, it was nice to raise Son without all the screens, although they were just becoming popular as he was coming into his teens. Grandboy is more tech savvy than me, which isn’t unusual. 😉

  • Kimberly

    I love the ease of technology that I have today, but I did miss long phone calls with friends sometimes. Today it is almost always a text or dm on facebook.

  • Debra Pruss

    I am with you. I enjoy connecting with people through Facebook due to being disabled. I have family and friends as well as authors that I follow that I connect with daily, weekly or monthly. I do miss getting a letter in the mail. I still connect with my Mom who is in a nursing home and my Dad who is now back in his aparttment by telephone. My Mom does a bit on a tablet that a friend had bought her. My Dad has no knowledge or desire to learn anything about computers. I love being able to see family and friend events and milestones in their lives. Thank you for the opportunity. God bless you.

  • Rita Jo

    There are some things I like. Cell phone when I travel, ebooks, online groceries. I now have unlimited access, but remember one cell phone service that charged for texts. I finally upgraded b/c family said they would text me. Didn’t happen. I signed up for FB to keep in touch with family/friends , but FBs algorithm has that not happening. So, I’m on the fence.

    • Nan

      I’ve been having FB algorithm issues, too, Rita and its’ making me very unhappy! I need FB for book promotion and I love hearing from readers! It always makes my day, but FB can be frustrating!

  • Kate Sparks

    I miss newspapers that were more than 32 pages, that’s the size of my Sunday paper. It was locally produced til recently, now owned by a news conglomerate. No ad inserts, either. I remember major cities papers that were hefty, filled with local news, written by local people, food sections of 20 pages, mow gone.
    Alas, that’s called progress.

    • Nan

      I loved, loved the big Sunday paper with the society pages, weddings, and the book reviews. And the ads! So much fun! Our local paper has practically disappeared and I think that’s sad… Glad you came by, Kate!

  • Sharon.R. Cowan

    I have days when I am tired of the electronics and just don’t get on Facebook and try not to use technology except for my email. Unfortunately I feel bad or that I might have misssed something important by not getting on Facebook or other sites. I will be 65 next month and remember when it was a big thing to get a cordless phone for the house, so I have been n through a lot of these changes. I enjoy the benefits.of technology but sometimes get overwhelmed by it.

  • Joannie Sico

    I would go back. I have daily chronic migraines so I have to limit myself on computers, etc… Also I have two teenage daughters that I started talking to at a young age and watching tv shows & movies about the dangers of the Internet but I knew I couldn’t keep them off of it. And now one of them is always talking to people she doesn’t know on different sites. Nothing works with her & she doesn’t take it serious because she believes what she wants. And now she is in a relationship with someone too. So yes I would go back right now. Do you blame me?

  • Kathleen

    I love technology, i’ll admit, but I also have a hoard of pens, dozens of notebooks and a drawer full of stamps. At least once a week or more, I curl up in my chair with a clipboard and handwrite a letter to a dear friend or grandson. There is nothing that replaces the feel of sharing a story or two with someone. And every year, I still handwrite personal, long missives in each of my Christmas cards I mail out. It’s my holiday treat to myself every year.

    • Nan

      I have that same hoard, Kathleen. And yes, I do still write in my Christmas cards and I love getting long notes from friends in theirs. That’s a time of year for handwritten notes. Hugs!

  • Janine

    Sometimes I want to go back to the time before technology. It can be so overwhelming at times. But I would miss the friends I have met online and I really do love e-books. Another thing I have discovered (since covid) is curbside pickup. I have really enjoyed that, either from a store or restaurant.

  • Liz Flaherty

    I wouldn’t want to go back, although there ARE things about the old days I miss. In some things, quality has been replaced by quantity, and I think it’s a shame. A great snippet!

    • Nan

      I agree with your thoughts about quality being replaced by quantity–in too many areas of our lives. Thanks for coming by, Liz, and big hugs!