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Sunday Snippet: The I Did It Edition

I did indeed do it–the book signing at Whyte Horse Winery and wow, was it a blast! Right off, there isn’t a more welcoming venue than this winery. The owner, Amanda Thomas, is so very accommodating and welcoming–just ready to help you in any way she can. Plus her winery and bistro has some of the best food and wine around. The folks who come there are looking for fun, so to be part of that is a treat. Lots of laughter, lots of conversations, lots of noise, and lots good wine and of wonderful scents from the pizza oven!

We had a great day, both selling books and talking to folks who stopped by to check out our display and find out who I was. Everyone was kind and gracious and interested. Most bought books. Can’t complain a whit and I’m delighted that Amanda invited me to come back to Whyte Horse around the holidays for another book signing. I will so be there!

Here are some pictures from the day,  including a couple of shots of Liz, who stopped with her adorable daughter, Kari–so happy to see them! Friend Cathy Shouse also popped in. And I never could’ve managed the day without my pal, Maureen, who was my CFO, right hand, and support for the event. Thank you, Moe!!

Gratitude for this week: The sun finally came out! We opened the lake house and are settling into our summer routine. Had a good checkup with my doc and I am doing well, which I knew, but it’s nice to have it confirmed by a professional. Got to see all my lake buddies, whom I’ve missed terribly over the winter. Book signing was a huge success. Life is good.

Stay well, stay safe, continue to send light to Ukraine, and most of all, mes amies, stay grateful!