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Sunday Snippet: The Heart Update Edition

So many kind folks have been checking in with me about the whole heart issue, I thought I’d fill y’all in on the latest. I promise not to belabor the heart thing, but I confess, it’s pretty large and looming here in Reinhardtville.

January has been a month of doctors, labs, stress tests, new meds, and a whole new heart clinic and new cardiologist. Right off, I’m crazy about the new doc and her PA. They are kind, smart, understanding, and positive–all good qualities when one’s heart is failing. My diagnosis of HFrEF (Heart Failure with reduced Ejection Fraction) is one they work with almost exclusively, so they know their stuff.

The stress test wasn’t at all bad–I survived, and it showed us exactly what we expected, that my heart isn’t pumping well. It also showed that I don’t have any blockages at all, which I already knew from a past heart cath, but it was nice to have it reconfirmed. The issue isn’t heart disease, it’s heart failure. All the bloodwork is checking for kidney and liver issues as well as what my potassium levels are because the meds I’m taking affect all those things.

The meds…oh, the meds. The new doc has started me on a 4-drug protocol  that has been quite successful in treating and helping to improve bad pumpers. They can help “reprogram” my left ventricle to do its job better–a very good thing. Our goal is to increase my lifespan (I’m all for that!) and to keep me out of the hospital (also good) and to keep me from having a heart attack (also an excellent plan). I’m on three of the four drugs at this point (the 4th one gets added next month) and so far, so good. My bloodwork is coming back normal, so all is well. I can already tell a difference in my energy level and the breathlessness is improving. Fingers crossed.

Only issue is two of the four are not available in generic and thus, are pretty pricey. Husband, our family money manager, assures me that it is all going to be okay, but I’m grateful that I’m still working because holy schnikeys! It’s going to cost us to keep my heart pumping. I seriously considered a new promo for my books–something like maybe, “Buy my books and keep my heart pumping!” But that seems a little too self-serving and a bit tacky, so I’ll stick with “If you love sweet, small town romance, you’ll love River’s Edge.” 

Anyway, that’s the scoop. I’ll update you now and again, but,  even though I’m so very thankful for everyone’s concern, wouldn’t y’all much rather hear about the new books coming up in 2023?

Gratitude for this week: I really like the new cardiologist; book 3 in the Weaver Sisters trilogy is almost done; Writer Retreat with Liz coming up in 7 days!; lunch with my lovelies was a delight; Son, DIL, and Grandboy are coming to dinner tonight; and there was snow!

Stay well, stay safe (hang on to those masks and use them as appropriate), be kind, and always, mes amies, stay grateful!



  • Kathleen O

    You are in my thoughts and prayers. Your books have so much heart and I know this will keep you going along with your wonderful new doctor.

  • Liz Flaherty

    I liked Janie’s advice from her mama. Not to mention Mother Julian of Norwich: “All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well” See you Sunday!

  • Sandra Ramirez

    Oh Nan we will continue praying for your health to be healed. Is what you have bad enough you can be placed on the transplant list?

    • Nan

      Thank you, Sandy! Fortunately, my HFrEF isn’t far enough advanced to be considered for transplant. There are drugs and other devices before we get there, thank heavens! Blessings, honey!

  • Janie DeVos

    You KNOW you’re in my prayers, Nan. I know it’s a scary time for you, but as Mama used to say, “So be it if there’s something wrong with us as long as there’s something we can do or take for it.” And that’s the case with you. Great doctors + great medicines + lots of prayers = a wonderful and long life. Hang in there. It’s sunnier just down the road. Love you. xo