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Sunday Snippet: The Under the Covers Edition

We have winners! Margie and Gretchen, you are the winners of an ARC of Make You Mine. I’ll get those right out to you! And remember the caveat–a review would be so appreciated! Thanks for stopping by, everyone!! 

Got your attention, didn’t I? (Sorry–nothing but sweet romance reads here.) But, you’re in luck this Sunday because rather than whine about my body, which has had a rough, rough week, I decided to reveal all three (3!) covers from my newest River’s Edge series from the amazing Tule Publishing, The Walkers of River’s Edge! I’m so jacked about this new series! The books all release in 2024, so what can I say except Welcome Back to River’s Edge, mes amis!

Oh, wait, I know what else I can say–how about we do a GIVEAWAY? That would be fun! If you’d like to win an e-book ARC of Make You Mine–the first book in the series, just tell me in the comments below why you love reading series or if you don’t, why you don’t. I’ll send an e-book ARC to two lucky commenters and you’ll be way ahead of the game because this book isn’t even on the shelves yet, although it is available for pre-order. There is a tiny catch though. If you accept the ARC, I’ll ask that you review it somewhere (BookBub, Goodreads, or a retail outlet like Amazon, B&N, or Apple Books) after you’ve read it. What do you think? You all in? Fabulous!

The Walkers of River’s Edge

Make You Mine (Releases April 16)

When his family’s company is on the line, business and pleasure definitely don’t mix, but maybe they should…

Madeline Ross left the city and a career glass ceiling behind, hoping to build a new life as the crew supervisor for Walker Construction in River’s Edge. She’s qualified and experienced, but new CEO Jackson Walker hires someone else. Even as she searches for a different job and builds a life in River’s Edge, the sexy memory of Jack teases.

After a rough year, Jackson Walker’s family business is still struggling. He needs a new construction crew supervisor, and Maddie Ross is perfect, except for the first time in his life, player Jack is suddenly smitten with the curvaceous redhead. He wants her in his bed more than on his payroll.

When his second-rate new hire is a disastrous mistake, Jack humbles himself on Maddie’s doorstep with an offer she can’t refuse. Maddie could be the key to saving his company as long as he hides his heart. But does he have to?

Make It Real (releases August 6)

They were only faking it

A landscape designer for his family’s construction firm, Joe Walker, is nearing completion on one of the most important projects of his career—gardens for spec homes that if they wow, Walker Construction will survive. When a freak accident sidelines him with a broken leg, the firm hires a competitor. Her ideas are radically different, but his stalker ex arrives to play nurse, and Joe needs more than gardening help.

After six-years working in English manor gardens, horticulturist Kara Sudbury returns to River’s Edge to help in her grandparents’ struggling garden center. She’s thrilled when Jackson Walker hires her to execute his injured cousin’s designs. Ignoring Joe is difficult because he’s as sexy now as he was in high school and even more stubborn. But when Joe asks Kara to play the role of girlfriend, they strike a deal that will help Joe handle his tenacious ex and put Sudbury’s Nursery back in the black. Kara’s up for the subterfuge…for a price, but then the pretense feels real, and Kara is reminded that every rose has its thorns.

Made for Mistletoe (releases October 24)

This Christmas, he has big plans until he meets a beautiful distraction…

Army reservist Cameron Walker loves everything about the holidays in River’s Edge—celebrating with his big family and carving out more time to work on his custom design furniture in his studio. But when he meets a visiting artist and niece of a family friend, he’s eager to break his work plans for play. He knows first-hand life’s short.

Teacher and artist Harper Gaines is bowled over by the handsome and friendly finish carpenter she meets during her vacation. His admiration for her art and his enthusiasm for life light her up, and remind her of how much she’s been missing since her soldier husband’s death. But when she discovers Cam’s also a soldier, she retreats, unable to risk another loss.

Cam has never felt such a strong connection, and he won’t give up without a fight. But will Cam’s persistence and the magic of Christmas be enough to convince Harper to take a chance on them?


I love all these covers, but I confess I’m just nuts about the Christmas one! Lee Hyat is a cover genius and I appreciate her hard work on my behalf so much!

Gratitude for this week: Finally got relief from the pain and misery caused by taking a new bone density med; wrote a lot of words; a day with Grandboy–good to be with him even if he was feeling a little puny; got started on promo for Make You Mine; several good walks that I got through despite the pain; and dear Husband has been a rock for me this week. I am truly blessed!

Stay well, stay safe (yeah, I ordered more fun masks–it’s pretty germy out there!), be kind, and most all, most amis, stay grateful every day!