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Sunday Snippet: The Travelogue Edition

Okay, the start of a travelogue. As you’re waking up and reading this, I’m on a plane with Son headed to Hawaii. Seriously. He’s going for a work thing, I’m tagging along because when your 40-something kid invites you to go along with him to Hawaii for a week, you get the okay from your cardiologist and then you say, “you betcha!” (I actually did that the other way around, but our secret, okay?)

Darling Husband (who is no traveler by choice) will stay home and hold down the fort, and DIL and Grandboy have work and school, plus they’ve already been to Hawaii, so this was a perfect opportunity for me to have some precious Mom/Son time and to check off a bucket list item–seeing Hawaii. I also think Son is feeling like he wants to help me empty that bucket and maybe refill and empty it again a couple of more times since my HFrEF diagnosis. Man, I love that kid.

I don’t have Author Spotlights scheduled for this week or next, so it looks like y’all will be getting regular missives from Hawaii. I hope you’re good with that. Our first four days, Son will be in a conference, so I’ll be doing some serious R&R. My awesome publisher Jane Porter, who goes there regularly, encouraged me to relax on the beach and “really slow down, do the sit-and-watch-people thing. Soak up the warmth, the colors, the smells, the sounds. Let Hawaii come to you!

As a writer, the advice couldn’t have been more spot-on. I’ll be reading for pleasure, writing, and relaxing. Maybe some beach walking, checking out some shops near our hotel, but mostly, just being chill–something I haven’t done very much of in the last few months. After the conference is done, Son and I will fly over to Kona for a few days, where we’ve rented a VRBO near the sea. He has fun and surprises planned for us and I’m up for whatever adventure happens.

So, get ready to do Hawaii with me… I’ll post pictures and let you know what each day brings. Y’all will be my travel journal, okay?

Gratitude for this week: All my work is done; my suitcase only weighs 36 lbs.; got to have lunch with sister PJ this week–a treat; little signs of spring on our walks through the ‘hood; and I turned in revisions for Jenny and Gabe’s book and my editor loved them YAY!!

Stay well, stay safe (mask up when necessary–I’ll have mine on in the airports!), be kind, and most of all, mes amies, stay grateful!