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Monday Snippet: Day 1 in Hawaii

Well, not quite a whole day 1, but I’m posting now because I’m writing this morning and this view is so knock-my-socks-off (if I were wearing socks) gorgeous, I just can’t resist sharing this with you.

The trip here to Waikiki was pretty uneventful except for typical airline silliness, which we bore well because Son is a seasoned traveler and I always look at travel days as lost days. I never worry about delays or other such nonsense because traveling is an opportunity to people-watch and this time, it was a chance to be with Son, so a little flight delay was no big issue. The 9-hour flight cross-country, cross-ocean was loooong. I read mostly and tried to watch a movie, but simply couldn’t get interested. I snoozed a little and got up and walked around now and again per the cardiologist’s orders. But we were both very grateful to get on the ground in Honolulu and to grab our bags and Lyft to the hotel.

Ah, the hotel…a gorgeous high rise right on the beach that is feeling pretty luxurious to me. The 5-hour time difference and the long flight kicked both our butts somewhat, but we ventured out anyway with Son’s colleague, an adorable woman named Ruby (I love, love that name! River’s Edge needs a Ruby, don’t you think?) and found sushi bar for supper. The food was tasty and the saki plentiful, although I don’t drink saki–I had wine–and afterward we wandered the little shops and kiosks along the beachfront. Liz Flaherty, I told Son it was like South Haven on steroids. Soooo many shops and touristy places and a lot of tourists. But the pace is very slow here. No one in a rush, everyone has a smile on their face.

The sun is in and out, little showers now and again, but it’s kinda breezy so the temps are just tropical and nice. There are two pools here at the hotel that I may take advantage of this afternoon. I’m definitely heading down to the beach in a bit to walk and people-watch–an author’s favorite pass time. When Son gets back this evening we’re going to a luau at a hotel up the street–The Royal Hawaiian maybe? Not sure. But we’ll take pictures and I’ll share them.

I’ll post more tonight or tomorrow… these first four days are mostly going to be me wandering on my own and writing while Son is in his conference. When we move to Kona, he’ll be showing me all kinds of wonders. Hold a good thought that I can truly relax here… I need to.

Meanwhile, stay well, stay safe, be kind, and most of all, mes amies, stay grateful.