Monday Night Snippet: The I’m a Little Buzzed Edition

You know what’s great about Son? He’s always up for an adventure and he makes me want to be up for adventure, too. The number of firsts on this trip is lengthy–some are silly, like I’ve never used the Lyft app before, some are awesome, like I’ve never hade a Mai Tai before… but the firsts are racking up like cordwood.

#1 first? I’ve never blogged after four (yes, 4!) cute drinks at the Royal Hawaiian… two mai tais, and two blue Hawaiians. I’ve never worn a pink kuikui-nut lei before (no pic of that–not sure why), I’ve never been to a luau before and did I mention I’ve never had four tropical drinks in one night before? I haven’t. I’m feeling no pain, my friends. Rum is nice…rum mixed with pineapple juice is even better.

The luau was just fantastic–great food, great entertainment, including hula dances and fire dancers and lots of great music and did I mention the drinks? Yeah…those were good, too. Plus, I wore a dress! A really cool Hawaiian dress that I found in a shop near our hotel. It’s pretty. I like it. It rained, but that that did not keep us from having a great time!

We laughed and watched amazing stuff and ate too much fabulous food and drank too many lovely beverages and now we’re back at the hotel chilling. Here are a few more luau pics and I think I’m done for the evening… tomorrow will be more beach walking, more sitting on the balcony enjoying the sea, more writing (hopefully!), and more adventures with Son. I’m trying so very hard to relax–with Son’s help and Hawaii’s, maybe I will get that accomplished.

So apparently, we’re off to meet some of Son’s friends for… you guessed it, drinks. So… I’m off to the hotel bar, where I think I’m going to stick to diet coke or water. I’ve had enough adult beverages for one evening in Hawaii. Stay well, mes amies, stay safe, be kind and most of all, stay grateful!