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Tuesday Snippet: More Hawaii Stuff…

I’m being completely and utterly self-absorbed this week, which is what vacation is supposed to be, yes? I think I buzz-posted enough about last night’s luau except to say that the Royal Hawaiian is a spectacular place. Full of history and just gorgeous. Son and I wandered a bit before the luau and oohed and ahhed appropriately at all the lovely frescos and high ceilings and the garden where there was a giant banyan tree.

Today’s been a me day–a true one. I wrote in the morning–got in about 2K words, then went down to the beach for a little ramble, however I didn’t see any whales. After that I went to the hotel grownup pool, which was lovely. This hotel is such luxury. As soon as I sat down in my chaise by the pool, a lovely young woman came along to ask if I wanted anything from the bar, which is right between the family pool and the adult pool. I asked for pineapple juice and rum and as it happened it was 2-fer Tuesday, so I got a double shot of rum with my pineapple juice. Noice…very noice.

As I sipped, I debated whether I really wanted to swim, but when I checked my step count on my FitBit, I realized I hadn’t gotten enough steps in yet, so I got in the pool and swam some laps. It was nice until the rain started and they asked us to get out of the pool and stand back under the canopy. So we did. Then the sun came out and I went back out to my chaise, sipped my beverage and read for a little bit. Until… it started to rain again. The rain and the wind sent everyone inside at that point. This time I packed up my stuff and took shelter in the bar, where another gracious server asked me if I wanted lunch. It was 1 p.m… I did want lunch, so I ordered the fish tacos and man, were they delish!

While I was having lunch, I got to chatting with the woman at the table next to me–Anabel, who was charming and interesting. We both ate our lunches and had a lovely visit. So lovely in fact, that we’re continuing our conversation at supper at an Italian restaurant called Arancino this evening while Son meets his colleagues for beers and pub grub. She’s a romance novel fan–isn’t that cool?

After I got showered and changed, I talked to Husband, read for a while, and then thought, I’d like a pedi. So I called the spa downstairs and booked one, toddled down and had one. It was lovely and included a paraffin soak that made me feet soft as a baby’s butt. I picked out a bright pink-red that looked Hawaiian and my toes look fabulous, darlings.

All in all, a good Nan day, which is something I don’t do well, but I’m determined to master it by the end of this trip. 🙂 This is supposed to be an R&R time for me, time to not think about HFrEF, adding in meds that I don’t know how they’ll make me feel, wondering if even if we add them in, will they work? A time to not worry about editing gigs or book deadlines or anything else that awaits when I get home from paradise.

Back in the room after supper with my new friend, Anabel, who is charming and intelligent and very sweet. I enjoyed getting to know her–she feels like a kindred spirit. Isn’t it funny how those come into your life at the most unexpected times?

So that’s my second day… thanks for coming along, I’m glad to have you with me!

Stay well,



  • Sinclair Sawhney

    That is truly a decadent sounding day—utterly perfect. I love how you flowed from one fabulous moment to the next and just savored and indulged. So happy for you and proud of you as I do feel you don’t get enough you time so I am on the west coast cheering you on—you are a long way from hedonism, but there is still time if you set your mind to it

    • Nan

      It was quite lovely. I feel your west coast energy flowing my way–I’m working toward hedonism, my friend. I’ll keep you posted!

    • Nan

      Wasn’t that a treat? She took my cards and said at supper that she’d already found me on the web, which was cool, too. Thanks for coming along, Janine!

  • Liz Flaherty

    It sounds like a perfect day! So glad you’re enjoying Hawaii. I think you’re taking Jane’s advice.

    • Nan

      I am truly trying to follow Jane’s advice. It’s surprising how hard it is to let go of the work ethic that was pounded into all of us from childhood. That said, the seeking pleasure and R&R is pretty enjoyable. Hugs!