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Sunday Snippet: The Time to Start a New Book Edition

And so it is. I didn’t take the break I intended to take before I dove into the new novel and I think maybe I should have. Between editing gigs and life stuff, I could’ve used a few days of doing absolutely nothing. Reading, watching mindless television, long walks around the ‘hood, some fall yard cleanup–that kind of nothing. Instead, I panicked about deadlines and began Jasmine Weaver’s story, which has been rattling around in my head since before I wrote Becker’s story. Chapter 1 of Jazz’s story is with my critique partner now and I’ve brainstormed endlessly with Liz and my friend Kelly and Husband… but she’s still in the ephemeral stages of development. I need to get her more into my creative brain.

Usually, I do that by filling up my creative well with books and music and films–but my attention span seems to have shortened considerably through Covid. Has yours? I think lack of time with my fellow writers, not going anywhere except to the grocery store and the lake, and just way too much time in my own head has affected me.

That said, I have started Jasmine Weaver’s story and she’s developing, as is Elias Walker, her hero. I wasn’t sure I could pull off an old grudge from high school until it occurred to me that the grudge doesn’t have to be their conflict. Rather it can be what brings them together and it can be out of the way early in the story, except for a bit of ribbing from Jazz’s sisters, who will pull her back into river life much more than she thinks she wants.

Anyway, enough processing. I’m writing and that’s what’s important.  The story will come along and with it, Jasmine’s character arc and Eli’s and you’ll meet a whole new family in River’s Edge, where fall has begun and the leaves are changing and the air is crisp.

Stay well, stay safe, wear your mask, be kind, and most of all, mes amies, stay grateful,