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Sunday Snippet: The Time to Breathe Edition

Good morning, mes amies! It’s been a week, kids, it’s really been a week! Release week is always kinda crazy, and this one has been particularly wild because I’ve been all over the Web, including being chosen as a Fresh Pick on Fresh Fiction yesterday–totally awesome!! Check it out!

Heart Update: Tuesday, I had an echocardiogram, expecting to hear that my heart had improved slightly on the 4-drug protocol, but wowee! My Ejection Fraction went from 37 to 50 (normal is 55-70), so those pricey meds are truly working! I am feeling better, stronger than I have in probably five years, so yup–taking a handful of meds twice a day is working! I solemnly swear never to whine about the price of the drugs again–but I will be working past September 26, 2023 (Husband’s and my agreed-upon retirement date for Editor Nan). That’s just fine. I’ll work as long as I can because not only do I love editing, but it is helping pay for these expensive drugs. I am truly blessed.

Today, Carmen Cook is reading a snippet from Meet Me in River’s Edge on her Revenge Garden Reading on Instagram. Tune in at 1:00 p.m. EST to listen.

Keeping up has been challenging, I have to confess, and although it’s been wonderful, I’m ready to take a short break from everything except writing and editing. Just a short break.

I told Liz the other day I’d love a week in Michigan totally by myself. How lovely would it be to simply write, walk the beach, enjoy a glass of wine, read… with nothing and no one else to even think about except me? I’m not sure Husband would go for that–I’ve been gone more than usual this summer, so I’ll find my alone time here in my office and on my long walks around the ‘hood, and let that suffice for now. Liz and I have a retreat coming up in about six weeks, so I’m keeping my eyes on that prize.

Promo is still happening: Here are some things for you to check out–opportunities to nab books and other fun stuff:

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Fresh Fiction Summer Sunset  (only 42 hours left!): 

Well, that’s probably more than you needed to know this morning, right? Believe it or not, September is also full of promo for Meet Me in River’s Edge, but here, there will snippets from the new books and me… fun, fun for y’all.

Gratitude for today: Great release week for MMIRE; Fresh Fiction picked MMIRE as a Fresh Pick; got one editing gig completed–yay!; spent the week at the city house–it’s been nice; great weather this week. 

Stay well, stay safe (scare up those masks–new Covid strain is on the rise and masking works!), be kind, and most of all, mes amies, stay grateful!