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Sunday Snippet: The May Memos Edition

I do have fun with memos, especially when they are good news, so here goes!

Dear Readers,

ARCs for Make It Real, book 2 of the Walkers of River’s Edge series are now available on BookSprout! Click this BookSprout link to nab an e-book ARC to read and review!

Merci, et bisous toujours,



Dearest Office Garden,

Oh, how you are growing and looking so very lovely! It was delightful to come home to all this amazing color!

Happy, Happy,



Dear heart,

Hey, I’m doing everything I’m supposed to do–taking the meds, exercising, eating right–so what’s with the breathlessness when I walked the hills at the lake? Hills, hell, inclines at best. Do I need to speak to the cardiologist about you?




Dear WIP,

Annabelle and Sawyer, start talking! Time to tell me your story. Just sayin’, a little more information couldn’t hurt.

Writing as fast as I can,



Dear brother Bud,

So sorry about your hand surgery, hope you heal fast, and by the way, I could’ve lived the rest of my life without seeing the graphic pics of the post-op that you texted to Sis and me. Never do that again! Ugh!

Cringing, but nothin’ but love for ya,

Your sister


Dear Whoever left the taco under our front doormat,

What the actual hell?




Dear Summer,

Feels like you’re almost here. Don’t be in a rush–I’m okay with temperate days and cool nights for a while longer.

Still Springing,


That’s it for now…

Stay well, take some deep breaths of springtime air, be kind to everyone you meet, and most of all, mes amis, stay grateful!