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Sunday Snippet: The It’s Been Quite a Ride Edition

Wow… release week is nearly done–I have a few more things happening, but mostly, I can breathe again. Well, sorta. Work has piled up while I’ve in promotion and writing is a little behind, but I can reset my focus now, I think. I hope.

A word of thanks to all the great readers, reviewers, bloggers, friends, family, publisher… everyone who helped get the word out about Falling for the Doctor. There are still some things in the offing–reviewers who need to post, ARC readers who need to review, a couple of podcast, which I just adore doing, and Carmen Cook’s Reading from the Revenge Garden is coming up today at 1 p.m. EST on Instagram. It’s always so much fun!

Today is a sabbath for me–reading, enjoying quiet time on the deck with Husband, no computer time, I hope. Tomorrow I have to make a trip to the post office to mail off prizes that were part of giveaways. I love doing that! And Tomorrow is a work day for Liz and I–a reason to celebrate! We are good for each other when it come to our writing days–lots of processing and brainstorming on both our stories. We are planning another retreat for the fall. YAY!

I think I just heard the chipmunk trap snap out in the front garden…hmmm…going to go check on it. But before I go, here’s this week’s gratitude: Great release of Falling for the Doctor; royalties came this week; all three kids are now testing negative for Covid; my peach tree has walnut-sized peaches on it; lovely weather both rainy and sunny–we need it all right now.

Stay well, stay safe, continue to wear your mask when you need to, and most of all, mes amies, stay grateful.

PS: Did you notice, I’m still in promotion mode? Links to Falling for the Doctor all over the place! If you haven’t gotten it yet, click one of them, okay? Merci!


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