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Sunday Snippet: The I’m Writing Edition

Yup, mes amies. I’m writing like a crazy woman, but taking breaks to stand up and walk around and eat now and again. My brain is mush, so I got nothin’ for today, so here are so gorgeous pictures of River’s Edge. Y’all know that my little fictional town is based on Madison, Indiana, and Brenda Guess Shropshire is an amazing photographer who captures the most spectacular photos of that river town.

Take a look and enjoy!

I’ll be back next week with a special guest on Tuesday and an Author Spotlight on Wednesday. Hope to see then!

Gratitude for today: The tooth is extracted and and I’ve gone from pain to discomfort, so things are moving along; I’m writing; a church friend stopped by for books and it was so good to see her; got to see our kids and Grandboy last night, always a good time; had fun giving out treats on Halloween. 

Stay safe, stay well (We’re getting our Covid vaxes this week, do you have yours yet?), be kind, get outside and enjoy the gorgeous fall weather, and most of all mes amies, stay grateful.