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Sunday Snippet: The I’m Really Tired and I Got Nothin’ Edition

I’m not going to whine, even though I feel like I could. Isn’t it funny, though, how you can’t seem to catch up on sleep? Why, do you suppose? I mean, it makes sense to me that if you miss some sleeping time, then sleeping more later should fix it. But things don’t seem to work out like that. Right now, I feel like I could sleep for a week, but I can’t do that, so here I am.

On the upside, I’m at the lake, I’ve gotten to swim several times this week with friend Moe and Grandboy and Son, and we had time with our kids up here. Boat rides and time to sip some wine with friends. The weather’s been hot, hot, but a big storm night before last cooled things off and we had a lovely dinner on our friends’ new patio last night.

Even though it’s only July, I can feel summer’s end approaching… kids are heading  back to school in some areas as early as next week. We’ll have Grandboy for a couple of days this week, so that will be fun. But it feels as though summer has flown by.

Truly, it feels as if life itself is flying by. Days zip past and I have no idea what I’ve done with them besides work. I’d love a week with no expectations, but that isn’t going to happen anytime soon. Book release, which is always fun, looms large, which means promo needs to be at the top of the to-do list. I have revisions on Jack and Maddie’s book to do and I really need to begin writing Joey and Kara’s story, which is spinning around in my head constantly.

I thought I had a beginning for them, but when I mentioned it to my editor at the Tule Author Retreat, she wasn’t impressed. Her reaction was right on target as always, so I’m working on something different. I think it will work better and keep the focus on the two main characters. Discovery is always alternately a joy and a pain in the behind because I think I know my story and suddenly as I begin to write, the characters take me in a different direction. Funny that. Seems as though the characters go their own way more often than not, no matter my intention when I start writing.

Revisions are the focus this week. Revisions and Grandboy. I actually enjoy revising, even though at first it seems daunting. I enjoy making a story better and my editor’s suggestions are always great, so my jumping off point is pretty clear cut. I’ve been revising in my head since she sent the file back, so I’ll get there.

I’m rambling, aren’t I? Sorry about that. It’s what happens when I don’t have a topic or focus for my snippet–you guys get to climb inside my head and come along for the ride. Fun, eh? I’m going to turn you loose now, get a cup of coffee, and start preparing for my book signing today. If you’re out and about and in the area, I’d love to see you there!

Gratitude for this week: Swimming in the lake, time with Son and Grandboy and DIL, a fun boat ride, got a rush editing gig done with time to spare, and I get to see Liz today–she’s coming to the book signing–Yay! 

Stay well, stay safe, be kind, and most of all, mes amies, stay grateful!



    • Nan

      The signing was a blast–met some great readers, signed some books, had some good wine. All in all, a good day. And yup…sometimes they just take off on their own and drag us along, don’t they?

  • Kimberly Field

    Hoping you have a great week ahead. Life does seem to dictate our days, I have started scheduling nothing days, because I need them.

    • Nan

      We do get to spend a couple days with Grandboy before he goes back to school, so that will be nice. A nothing day sounds good–I think I need to look into that. Hugs!

  • Janine

    My neighbor and I were just talking about days with no expectations. They are hard to come by. Even when it comes to cleaning house. I clean every day. I could skip a day, but I can’t stand to see cat litter on the floor or crumbs that my husband leaves when he snacks on the couch. I clean every day. But it sure would be nice to sleep late one day and have a day where I could do only things I want to do. Not things I have to do.

    • Nan

      Janine, you are a good, good woman. I don’t clean often enough because the rest of my life gets in the way. A day to sleep late and then do whatever I want (even if it is writing) would be lovely!

  • Kathleen Shaputis

    Starting school so early in August seems wrong, and makes summer super short. What happened to the dog days of summer? Just lazing about cuz it’s too hot to do much?

    • Nan

      An excellent question, Kathleen. I hate that the kids go back so early now. AC in the buildings or not, why shouldn’t they have those “dog days” and laze around? Hugs and thanks for stopping by!