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Sunday Snippet: The Travelogue #4 (and Final) Edition

We’re headed home–flying back to the Midwest today after a week in California and has it ever been a week! Tule Author Retreat was a joy I will always remember and the rest of the week with my family has been lovely, too.

It’s been too long since I last saw my brother and although he’s dealing with some health issues, he’s still my bro–funny, warm, wry, and easy to be with. Sister PJ came out with Brother’s granddaughter to join the party and it’s been fun getting to know this 14-year-old young woman. Brother’s son, DIL, and grandboys are here, too, and what a treat they are! They are a charming little family and we are enjoying so much being with them.

We went to Santa Monica Pier today–a place I’d only ever seen on the opening credits for that old TV show Three’s Company. Remember that one? It looked a lot different! And wow! What a crowd! But I had a good time wandering the pier and riding on the huge Ferris wheel with my SIL, Nephew, and Great-Nephew. We had a great view of the Pacific and the beaches from the very top. By the time we were all hungry, we’d walked and walked and were ready to find a late lunch. Brother took us to Gladstone’s–a great restaurant next to the ocean just north of the pier. Had shrimp tacos and a fabulous chardonnay and got mile-high chocolate cake to go for dessert. That will be PJ’s and my supper tonight after we swim in the hotel pool.

PJ and I are both missing our husbands and our lives, so leaving tomorrow may be bittersweet, but we’re anxious to get home. Brother is coming back home for his 50th high school reunion, so we’ll see him and his wife (who has turned out to be real kindred spirit) in September and until then, I’ll be back to whatever it is that qualifies as normal for me. Writing, editing, time at the lake with our own kids, and don’t forget–a book signing up at the lake on July 30!

Gratitude for this week: A fabulous retreat; getting to know my roomie Carol–we are fast friends now; meeting so many wonderful colleagues and fellow Tule authors; time spent with my family here; a lovely day at the ocean today; safe travel.

Thanks for joining me on this trip–I loved being in California, but nothing beats my home in the Midwest!

Stay well, stay safe, be kind, and most of all, mes amies, stay grateful!

Nan & PJ