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Sunday Snippet: The Heartfelt Edition

Okay, as you know from my post a couple of weeks ago, I’m dealing with heart issues again–seems like when I very first started this blog way back when, I was having stupid heart issues. Yup, I’ve been dealing with this since December 2011. So, I’m back on a 7-day heart monitor (those puppies have changed a lot in 11 years) and on Tuesday, I have an echocardiogram, which will tell the cardiologist why I’m breathless and tired just walking around the block or going up a flight of stairs. I’m really, really hoping he doesn’t tell me it’s because I’m fat and post-menopausal because if that’s his diagnosis, I’m probably going to have to kick him.

Anyway, all that aside, I’m sorta getting into the holiday spirit. I’m anxious for Thanksgiving at sister PJ’s house with the family. This year, my niece Megan is coming over on Tuesday to bake rolls with me. That will be fun–we get together so rarely and I do enjoy being with her. Husband gets in a baking mood as the holidays approach and we are going though all our recipes, looking for fun things to bake that won’t be too calorie-laden. Yesterday he made a cranberry cake that we shared with the neighbors… as happens with all our baking. I think he likes the smells in the house when we bake and the hominess of working in the kitchen together. I just enjoy being with him, so all in all, it’s a good thing.  Plus, Betty, Tim, and Bob and Mary all enjoyed some cake, which made for smiles on a cold, cold November afternoon.

I haven’t even started to think about Christmas shopping yet–I’m just not there. I will be after Thanksgiving. Sometimes I wish I was one of those uber-efficient people who Christmas shopped all through the year, but I’m not. However, I do love picking out special gifts for the folks I love, and I adore going through all the amazing gift catalogues that start arriving about now. Anyone else love Signals and Bas Bleu and Vermont Country Store and the other nifty catalogues that fill our mailboxes this time of year?

The latest WIP is coming along–I keep getting surprises from these characters, which is disconcerting, but also fun. It’s early enough in the story that I’m still learning them, so it’s okay if they want to go their own way.

I’m rambling, so I think I’ll just do my gratitude list and call it for this edition of the Sunday Snippet.

Gratitude for this week: Got to spend an evening with Grandboy who is the best company ever; we had snow; walks with my neighbor; in a couple days I’ll have some answers to this heart thing; the arthritis flare is over, so I’m relatively pain-free; a trip to Total Wine with Husband turned up some great reds.