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Author Spotlight: Thanksgiving Joy with Roseann McGrath Brooks

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Isn’t it fun to hear about how authors bring the holidays into their writing? Today, the day before Thanksgiving, Author Roseann McGrath Brooks is here to talk about her new novel, plus she has a fun giveaway for you.  Roseann is proud to admit to being a romantic. Midnight Clear at Christmas, a novella, is the third book in her Vacation Friends Romance series. When not reading, writing, running, and hanging with friends, she’s an editor for a marketing agency and tutors in the writing center of a community college. As a true Philadelphia suburbanite, she’s thrilled that she and her hubby live nearby most of her family, including her son, daughter, and three grandchildren.

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The blog is yours, Roseann… (Love the Eagles Santa hat, btw!)

I love this time of year. I love fall colors, sweaters, football, Thanksgiving, day-after turkey sandwiches, lots of family time, and, of course, the lead-up to Christmas. And yes, I admit to watching as many Christmas romances as I can on cable channels. Do you want to know the secret to getting your special person to watch with you? Search online for “Christmas movie drinking games.” Instead of drinking every time someone bakes cookies, complains about the big city, or goes caroling, promise a kiss.

All this is why writing Midnight Clear at Christmas was so much fun. Surrounding the budding romance of Bailey and Tanner was the backdrop of the holidays. I was able to write about things I love to do: go to Christmas concerts, plan for family gatherings, decorate the house right after Thanksgiving, and make holiday crafts. Okay, not that last one. Like Bailey, I stink at crafts, and it was freeing to let her admit that.

The things that make us who we are don’t shut down around the holidays. So, Tanner’s fierce adherence to family responsibilities and Bailey’s tendency to worry about the future when the present is going well both simply get magnified this time of year. And often the resolution of those anxieties comes in the most unlikely of places and people.

I hope you can enjoy Bailey’s and Tanner’s holiday journeys as much as I did. I learned a lot writing their romance. When crafting a story, I’m always humbled by what I don’t know. For example, the action takes place between Thanksgiving and Christmas; I had to write with a calendar next to my laptop because at one point, I had written too many Wednesdays! In addition, senior living situations can be complicated, so having reviewers who knew the business really helped. Finally, I wanted to be sensitive in my portrayal of Tanner’s brother, David, who has Down Syndrome. I’m very thankful to others of my reviewers who helped me give David the dignity—and the depth of character—he deserves.

Giveaway: Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, the beginning of this fun season. I can’t wait to host my family at our house in the Poconos. What is your favorite Thanksgiving tradition? Comment below for a chance to win a $10 Amazon card.

Midnight Clear at Christmas

Bailey doesn’t do well with change. After a series of misfortunes, her life is finally on an even keel. The last thing she needs is a new romance, especially with an over-the-top, good-looking guy who is on a different journey than she is.
Romance is not in the plans for Tanner, either. Although he usually embraces new experiences, his obligations to family keep him from committing to anything but fun. With his brother, David, who has Down syndrome, poised to move in with him, Tanner’s budding friendship with Bailey is a perfect no-strings fit—especially at Christmastime.
When Tanner’s brother makes a Christmas Eve announcement that detours everyone’s best-laid plans, can love lead Bailey and Tanner to commit to a new path together?

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  • Gemma Brook

    I enjoyed reading this post, Roseann! When I was a tyke, one of my favorite traditions was watching the parades on Thanksgiving morning. In more recent decades, my husband and I really enjoyed visiting my aunt, uncle, and cousin for Thanksgiving. The pandemic has put that on pause, but I hope to return to that tradition some occasion soon. In fact, I’m thinking of getting “Midnight Clear at Christmas” for my dear aunt for, naturally, Christmas! Would it be appropriate for an elderly but spry aunt?
    For the last several years, one of my favorite traditions is NOT having to think about getting up at 4:00 a.m. on Black Friday to open the bookstore ! In fact, I avoid stores on Black Friday in sympathy with the workers. As part of Thanksgiving, I enjoy the quiet lull in the days afterwards, when I can consider the many things I’m grateful for. (I don’t start to prepare for Christmas until Advent, which by my calculations starts this Sunday.)

  • Debra Pruss

    We normally host. It will be my Dad and us this year. I enjoy smelling the turkey as it is baking. Making the stuffing as well as preparing all the food. My husband and I are a tag team. We are both disabled. He is able to move more than I am so he is the legs of our operation. On Friday, we will take food to the nursing home where my Mom is in Hospice care. We have talked about traditional Thanksgiving food that she loves for a few weeks. I have tried to make the dishes that she enjoys. No matter how hard I try, it just does not taste like my Mom’s. Thank you so much for sharing. Happy Thanksgiving. God bless you.

    • Roseann Brooks

      Debra, I accidentally responded to you under Lisa’s comment. Just when I thought I was relatively technically savvy! Anyway, I agreed with you about the wonderful smells of turkey baking. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday.

  • Lisa Millhous

    Honestly, I often wish there were more traditions around thanksgiving. I’ve tried to go around the table and say something we’re thankful for. I’ve tried doing some act of community service. But nothing has really clicked as a strong thanksgiving tradition.

  • Lori Celluzzi

    I look forward to reading your second book. Loved the first one. Congratulations! My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is having my adult children do all the cooking. It’s fabulous – my girls are amazing cooks unlike their Momma. I get to rest, eat, but then I’m on clean-up but that fine. Happy Thanksgiving Brooks family!

    • Roseann Brooks

      Lori, I hear ya. Not only am I not crafty, but I’m not talented in the kitchen, either! BTW, Midnight Clear at Christmas is the third book in the series, but hey, they can be read out of order — and it IS Christmastime.

  • Evelyn

    The book is very good,just perfect for Christmas reading.As usual, Roseann ‘s descriptions make the reader feel like one is there.