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Sunday Snippet: The Grandboy Edition

Grandboy days are always the best for Husband and me, and they’re fewer right now because he’s in school and he’s involved in things like being in plays and doing stuff with his parents and friends. Plus ,you’re never sure exactly how interested a ten-year-old boy is in being with a couple of old farts. But in his words, “I love being you guys. This house feels so comfortable.”

I’m not sure there’s a higher compliment in the world than that. He was sad when we sold the “Christmas House,” thrilled when we lived with him and his parents for six months, and sad when we found our new home. I think he worried a bit that the new house wouldn’t feel like Nanny and Poppy’s house, but according to him it surely does. And if a ten-year-old was going to use a word to describe our house, then comfortable is the one I’m delighted he chose. We don’t do a lot of cool stuff or go a bunch of places–we’re just together, the three of us. Hanging out and being chill as Grandboy puts it.

So far this weekend, we’ve gone to the Farmer’s Market for pumpkins, went to a park and did a little geocaching, got some ice cream at my favorite ice cream parlor, where we ran into his second-grade teacher (which delighted both of them), and then came home and walked around the ‘hood looking at Halloween decorations. Last night we introduced the kid to PBS’s All Creatures Great and Small, of which he was sweetly tolerant. He did enjoy the animals, but he prefers his own stuff on Netflix, which is cool. Poppy and I will watch anything. Today, we’ll make mini-apple pies and maybe carve our pumpkins… whatever he wants to do is fine for us.

All in all, it has been a blessed weekend before a hugely busy week coming up. It’s release week; The Fireman’s Christmas Wisha book I’m so very proud of releases Tuesday, October 18.  I hope you’ll check it out on October 18…or now. Now would be good, too. I’ll be all over the interwebs, doing blogs and podcasts and promotion, including here on Tuesday, where I’ll be in the Author Spotlight, interviewing Harley Cole–the heroine of the story.

Gratitude for this week: The boat is out of the water for the season; fall is crisp in the air; our sweet gum tree is changing colors perfectly; time with Grandboy; dinner with Son on Sunday night.

Stay well, stay safe (hang on to that mask–winter is coming), be kind, and most of all, mes amies, stay grateful,