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Sunday Snippet: The Going Dark Edition

Oh, mes amies, I’ve had such fun this past week with the launch of Christmas in River’s Edge, book 3 in the Weaver Sisters trilogy–more stories from River’s Edge. I love my little town so much and I’m just thrilled readers love it there, too! Reviews are coming in and so many folks want to come to River’s Edge for the holidays. Oh, how I wish we all could do the Candlelight Walk together and head to the showboat for the Flaherty’s annual Christmas Eve pitch-in lunch and holiday show! Alas… only in books.

And speaking of books, I’m working furiously on book 2 in the newest River’s Edge series, The Walkers of River’s Edge, so I’m going to disappear for a little while–just a couple of weeks, although, I’ll still be in and out to let you know about Author Spotlight guests and Sunday Snippets. Then I’ll be back on FB and Insta sharing a bunch more fun stuff with Christmas in River’s Edge. After the holidays, as 2024 begins, I’ll start sharing Walker Family news. So…as my friend Jenny Crusie says, nothing but good times ahead.

Gratitude for this week: We got the gardens all cleaned out for winter; had a consult with a new oral surgeon who will extract the bothersome tooth on Monday; lunch with my darling Lovelies; have gotten all my steps in plus some every day this week; had a great book launch, including a fun, fun Tule Book Club party! 

Stay well, stay safe (have you had your vaccines yet and are you keeping a mask handy?), be kind, and most of all, mes amis, stay grateful!