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Sunday Snippet: The BookBub Edition

It’s been a crazy week–not bad crazy, just busy crazy. I’m late getting this up because I slept in just a bit this morning after spend the last three days doing a rush project for a new client. I gotta say, rushing the work is always rough, but I really like this new client. She’s fun and friendly and kind and her book was delightful. I hope it’s the start of great relationship.

I’ve written a lot this week as well, but the next couple of weeks will be devoted to finishing my current WIP–book 2 in the Weaver Sisters trilogy–and getting it into my editor’s hands, which means I’ll be off social media, off social everything, really, and just tucked away in my office in the city writing like a madwoman.

This summer has been so incredible in so many ways, both good and bad, but I need a break. I’m longing for just a couple days totally alone… not sure how I can make that happen right now, but wow, the urge to get in the car and just drive is currently overwhelming.

So… this happened today. Meant to Be, Book 2 in the Four Irish Brothers Winery series with Tule Publishing was accepted for a BookBub Feature Deal. It started yesterday and wowzers! We’ve already hit #2 on the Amazon bestseller list and #1 in three other categories. I’m excited and happy because I can already see the other three books in the series and the two that are out in the Lange Brothers series start to rise dramatically in the rankings. It’s fun to know people are discovering your books. I hope I make some lifetime devoted readers.

I think that’s my story for now, except for gratitude, which is essential to life, yes?

This week’s gratitude: got to go fishing with my three loves yesterday after work–beautiful evening on the lake and Grandboy caught a nice white/striped bass–the only fish caught among the four of us, but the time spent with my guys was lovely. The BookBub appears to be having a great effect on book sales. I got a new client. I’m writing. Got to have a nice long swim/visit with pal Moe on Thursday after work–quite lovely!

Stay well, stay safe, hang on that mask–we’re not done with them yet, be kind, and most of all, mes amies, stay grateful!