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Sunday Snippet: The And We’re Off… Edition

…like a herd of turtles. Yup, we are! Liz and I are headed for a writing retreat this morning, so this is a necessarily quick post. We booked a VRBO in, of all places, Bardstown, Kentucky. No idea why we chose that place except that we’d never been there and it looked charming, so we thought, why not?

The plan is to write, write, write–I need to get words in on the second book in my Walkers of River’s Edge series. Joey and Kara’s story is percolating away in my head, it just needs to come out the ends of my fingers! Liz is working on a women’s fiction story, so we’re both going to be writing machines.

Oh, we may check out a shop or two, hit a few restaurants if the mood strikes, but mostly, we’ll be holed up in our little house and lost in our fictional worlds. We both need this retreat, this escape, so I know it’ll be great for us.

Speaking of the Walkers of River’s Edge–want to see something really cool? It’s the first peek at the cover for Make you Mine, book 1 of the series, which releases in April of 2024. It’s Jackson Walker and Maddie Ross’s story–no blurb yet, but here’s the cover, created by the amazing Lee Hyat, who knows River’s Edge almost as well I do! What do you think? Isn’t is gorgeous? She’s really captured Maddie and Jack! Just tuck this one in the back of your mind for a couple more months–there will be more news about it as we get closer to release. And in the meantime… it’s almost time for Christmas in River’s Edge to release–just three weeks from now! Have you pre-ordered yet? Stay tuned for lots of fun and opportunities to win some fun holiday book swag, plus two book signings coming up in December as well. Nothing but good times ahead, mes amies!

Gratitude for this week: My birthday was fun and I survived turning 70! Dear friends who helped me celebrate! An enjoyable afternoon at the lake library signing books; Got to see and hug my kids; Lovely time with Sister Pam doing girly stuff–getting mani/pedis and going to a tea room for lunch, where I ran into an old friend–what a treat!

Stay safe, stay well (Got your flu & covid vax yet? Masks handy?), keep reading, be kind, and most of all, mes amies, stay grateful!