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Retreat Report #2

Hey, it’s Liz Flaherty here making myself at home on Nan’s blog. Hope you’re having a good day. We’re enjoying our time in Madison. We went out for a piece of pie this afternoon because the weather on my iPhone said it wasn’t going to rain for awhile. Well. Ahem. We did find out that all Nan’s sweetness and light (and a dose of chocolate and pecans) won’t dissolve when wet.

We both thought she was carrying her umbrella when we left, and then when she couldn’t find it, we thought she left it in a store. A return stop there assured us she had not and gave me a chance to buy a mint green shirt I didn’t need.

By the time we got back to the little house on Third Street, my new turquoise umbrella had proven its worth and Nan…well, Nan was wet. But her umbrella was here at the house, the pie was really good, and she didn’t melt.

**Nan, here: Not only did I not melt in the rain, but I also had a fun time this morning meeting up with Brenda Guess Shropshire, photographer and artist extraordinaire, who has been sharing her photographs of the city of Madison with me for my River’s Edge series. All those gorgeous shots of the Ohio, the town, the fountain, the old, old architecture that you see in my posts and blogs are her work and I’m so honored and humbled to be able to use them. We had a beverage and then wandered down to the gardens around Lanthier Winery, where her art is featured, as well as lots of beautiful flowers and plants. Fun time and how cool to make a new friend! Thank you, Brenda!

Stay well, stay safe and see you tomorrow!

Nan and Liz


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