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Writing Retreat Report #3

I asked Liz what I should talk about in the report and she smiled and said, “Just that we had a good day.” And so we did. We got a lot of writing in, a lot of talking, and a lot of walking!

After our writing session this morning, we walked into town for brunch at the Downtowner and wandered around a bit, although there wasn’t much to see because most of the shops aren’t open here yet. Lots still closed from Covid and actually the season here hasn’t truly begun yet. I did find a lovely pair of aquamarine earrings and Liz got a really cute top at a store on Main Street. But fact is, we aren’t, either one of us, much for shopping. We’re more the eating kind of travelers. And yeah, we’ve both eaten to the point of misery. But that didn’t stop us from going to the Broadway Tavern (the oldest continuously running family tavern in Indiana) for supper tonight–it was delicious.

Before supper, we took a walk along the river and found out that someone in town in renovating the old cotton mill factory on the riverfront and making it into a hotel! We were blown away at that news! The last time we were here, that building was an eyesore and kinda creepy, but it gave me an idea for the Four Irish Brothers Winery series–that Mayor Megan Mackenzie Flaherty would promote the idea of turning the old cotton factory into a boutique hotel. Someone in Madison must have read Meant to Be because it’s actually happening here! Check out this photo! I was sooooo excited!

The River Walk was delightful! We saw barges and the river was sparkling in the late afternoon sun. The town is charming and so very full of history and quirky streets and sweet little homes. We decided we’d do this again, right here in this house in a heartbeat!

We are already thinking we’re need another writing retreat soon! That’s it for tonight! We leave tomorrow–we may drive along the river a bit before we head home.

Stay safe and stay well,

Nan & Liz

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