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Sunday Snippet: The Lazy, Rainy Weekend Edition

And so it is–a lazy, rainy weekend at the lake. It’s too icky outside for a boat ride or a swim. Too gloomy and stormy for a walk, so I’m sitting here at my computer contemplating what to write.

I did something this morning I do so rarely that I can’t remember the last time it happened. I stayed in bed and read for two hours. My normal schedule is to get up at six and write for a couple of hours–even before I make coffee or face the world. It’s a good habit to have and I’m glad I do it because otherwise, nothing at all would get written. Usually somewhere after I get started, Liz joins me on gChat and we exchange ideas and process. But the internet is very iffy here at the lake this weekend–by that I mean, practically nonexistent–so when the alarm went off at six, I simply turned it off and took up my kindle and finished a book I’d started a couple of nights ago. What a lovely, wickedly lazy feeling. I could get used to it, but I won’t.

Last night, lake pal Moe, Husband, and I had a fabulous supper on the deck, followed by a cutthroat game of Phase 10. It was a perfect summer evening, in spite of the feel of rain in the air. Moe brought us a light for our umbrella and wow, did it ever make playing cards outside in the cool evening air so much easier. Isn’t that a fun little device?

On the snippet front–I’m working hard on Book 3 of the Lange Brothers series. Becker is an elusive character and Harley just wants to be loved. It’s a journey and is turning into a harder book to write than I expected. The story is there, but I’m finding it difficult to move these two along. It’s a holiday book, though, so it will work out fine. Here’s a quick snippet because…well… this is Snippet Sunday. A little setup: Becker and Harley have known each other for ages and are sorta becoming friends again. Years ago, she dated his younger brother for a while. Becker has returned to River’s Edge after a divorce that left him bewildered and in pain. Harley is the nursery school teacher at the Learning Tree preschool and is hoping she can help Becker find some holiday cheer this Christmas. He’s just been promoted to Fire Chief and she is treating him to dinner at Mac’s Riverside Diner to celebrate:

“We’re celebrating his promotion.” Harley raised her water glass and tilted it toward Becker’s. “To the new fire chief of the River’s Edge Fire Department. Long may he reign.”

Heat rose from Beck’s collar. Blushing! At almost forty years old, you’d think he could accept kudos without embarrassment, and the fact that he was flushing at her words made his discomfort even more intense. He clicked glasses with her. “Thank you. I’m not sure reign is the word for what I’ll be doing, but between Frank, who hired me, and George, I have big shoes to fill.” A smart salute and heel-click from Mac before he headed back to his kitchen eased Beck’s discomfiture somewhat.

Harley took another sip of water. “I’ve been dying to know why George left after being chief for only a couple of years. Is it something that’s for public consumption or do you need to tell me to mind my own business?” Her eyes widened. “I won’t be offended if you do.”

Beck appreciated her circumspection, even if it wasn’t at all necessary. “No secret. He and Chloe are moving up to Dayton to be closer to their kids, and he’s going to teach at the Fire Academy there.”

“Cool.” She nodded. “I wish them well, and I’m very happy you are the new chief. You were the best choice.”

Beck’s ears burned. “Well, maybe not the best. The next in line, though, so…” He shrugged. He really hated compliments. His responses always made him feel either vain or self-deprecating. Both choices sucked. He opted for simplicity. “But, thanks.”

There she was looking at him peculiarly again, like he was an odd squirming cell on a slide under a microscope. Clearly, she had something big on her mind but wasn’t certain she should say it.

“Harles, what’s going on in that head of yours? Something you think you need to tell me?”

She took a deep breath, released it, then folded her hands on the table in front of her. “Beck, I think you need to start dating again.”

There we go… Hope I piqued your interest. Enjoy your week. Stay safe and stay well and most of, mes amies, stay grateful.