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Sunday Snippet: The It’s Almost Here Edition

And so it is! Almost here, that is. “It” is the release of my newest novel, Home to River’s Edge, book 1 in the new Weaver Sisters trilogy. The Weaver Sisters are the latest citizens of River’s Edge, Indiana to get a story. I’ve talked so much about here that y’all know the story by now… but since it’s release week, you get a new snippet. After all, this is called Sunday Snippet and it is Sunday…

Setting up this snippet, Jazz is home from Washington, DC, and has been hiding in her old room in her parents’ house, sleeping, eating junk, and just generally being despondent. Her sisters are about to change all that…

“Jazz!” Jo’s voice carried, as did her thumping stride on the steps.

With a groan, Jasmine pulled her pillow over her head and yanked the covers closer around her shoulders as Jo stormed in.

“Come on, Jazzy, it’s past noon. Time to get up and face the day.” At least Jenny had the decency to tap on the door before she came in. “I know you’re awake under there. Get up!”

Jo grabbed the pillow and tossed it on the rocking chair by the door. “Get up. You can’t spend the rest of your life up here.”

Jazz tugged her covers over her head. “I can if I want to.”

“Up you go, or I’m going to get Gram.” There stood Jenny on the other side of her bed, looking severe, when Jazz peeked out.

“Oh, for Pete’s sake. I’m thirty-three years old. Do you really think Gram is a valid threat?”

Jenny plopped down on the bed. “Yup.”

A picture of their paternal grandmother—small, determined, and fierce—rose in Jazz’s mind, and with a moan, she hauled herself out of the covers enough to sit up and lean back against the sage-green wicker headboard she’d found in the basement of Clyde Schwimmer’s antiques store and refinished herself when she was fifteen. “What do you guys want?”

She was basically trapped between the two of them as Jo settled on the other side of her and raised one dark brow. “This, sister, is an intervention.”

Jazz raked her fingers through her bedhead-messy hair. “What?”

“An intervention,” Jo repeated. “You’ve done nothing except lie around and feel sorry for yourself for a week now. Mom says you sleep until afternoon, lounge around up here and watch old black-and-white movies, which I’d never fault you for, but she does, and stare at your phone. Look at you!” She held up a strand of Jazz’s hair. “Your hair is all over the place and I think you’ve got a zit starting on your chin.”

“You need a haircut, a mani-pedi, and a plan, sis.” Jenny reached over to lift Jazz’s covers and run a hand over her calf. “God, you’re bristly! This is disgusting.”

“When’s the last time you took a shower?” Jo demanded.

Jazz shoved Jen away and re-covered her legs. Hadn’t she showered, shampooed her hair, and shaved her legs just a few days ago? She lifted her chin. “I shower.” Tucking the covers tighter around her lower half, she added, “And it’s nobody’s business how often I shave my legs.”

Jo blew out a long breath. “Honey, we’re worried about you. You aren’t answering our texts, but Mom says you’re constantly watching for anything from DC.”

Jen nodded. “And I haven’t seen you on social . . . you’re pouting, sister.”

Jazz pulled her cell out from under the covers. “Not a single damn soul has even asked where I am.” She tossed the phone on the bed. “No one.”

There you have it… next week will be a crazy rush of blogs, podcasts, FB parties, and release fun. I sure hope you’ll all come along for the ride!

Gratitude for this week: New class at the pool was great fun; a work day with Liz was very successful; our sweet gum tree is leafing out; the view of neighbor Mary’s yard at breakfast is just spectacular–flowers everywhere; mani/pedi with sister PJ; got to spend time with Son, DIL and Grandboy–always a treat!

Stay well, stay safe, be kind, and most of all, mes amies, stay grateful!