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Sunday Snippet: The I’m Pushing Edition

Yup, I am. Working on first draft of book 3 in the Walkers of River’s Edge series, Made for Mistletoe, (deadline is in three weeks), and I’m nearly at The End. I’m hoping Cam and Harper’s story will touch hearts and bring special holiday joy for lovers of all things River’s Edge. I’m also working on promo for book 1 in the Walkers of River’s Edge series, Make You Mine, which releases April 16. All this in addition to my day job, copy editing.

I’m really falling in love with Cam Walker–he’s just a big cinnamon roll (as are so many of my heroes). But Cam’s heart is so big and full of love, and  poor widowed Harper is so afraid to let him in… She’s lost so much in her young life, but Cam is ready to fill the voids. Harper has to figure herself out before she can open her heart to Cam. I’m so anxious to see how these two get their happily-ever-after.

Yes, I realize those are funny words coming from the person who’s writing that happily-ever-after, but I never really know how books will end until I get there. Often, I’m as surprised as the characters are when I write The End. Go figure, eh?

On the promotion front, there are blogs to sign up for, ARCs to send out, podcasts to beg a few minutes from, and signing up for book signings. I’ve ordered new swag cards for this series–take a look and tell me if you don’t think Lee Hyat isn’t a brilliant designer. Gorgeous, right?

And I’ve been playing on Canva to create a new poster for book signings. I’m no Lee Hyat, but I think this one turned out pretty well and will attract attention at my signing at the Hamilton East Public Library author event on April 20.

So, here’s the thing–I’ll probably be pretty quiet on social media for the next couple of weeks as I dig into finishing this book, but I’ll be here Sundays and I’ll post my Author Spotlights as they come up, so stay tuned, okay?

Gratitude for This Week: Husband’s eye laser procedure went off without a hitch and he’s back to 20/20 and seeing clearly; great work day with Liz–got words written and enjoyed a fun lunch; gorgeous weather for walking with my pals here in the Nest; my body is back to normal after the truly dreadful side effects of new med to help my bone density–think I’ll stick with calcium supplements, dairy, and leafy greens; good time with Grandboy and Son when they came to visit.

Stay well, stay safe, be kind, and most of all, mes amis, stay grateful!