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Sunday Snippet: The I Got Nothin’ Edition

Truly, I’ve got nothin’. I’ve had an odd week, a busy week. I wrote. I worked on editing gigs. I got my first vaccination–yay! I sent the final copy edits back for The Valentine Wager back to Tule and it looks like the title may stick, which delights me. I’ve been pretty good about doing my daily Simple Abundance reading and journaling, although I wish so much that I could sketch. Do you ever wish for a talent or skill that you absolutely do not have? That’s the one I want. I see these lovely pencil sketches and colored pencil drawings and I want like anything to be able to do that. I’ve considered a sketching class, but seriously–that is not my gift. So, I gave that talent to one of my heroines and the ability to create gorgeous watercolors to one of my secondary characters because really, if I can’t do it, someone should be able to and why not a fictional someone?

It’s been lovely weather here this week and it looks like we have another few days of warmer than usual temperatures and sunshine. I’m seriously considering taking a day off tomorrow, grabbing Husband and heading to a park for a picnic or just out for a drive. I need a day away.

Go outside and play, mes amies. Enjoy the warm pre-spring sun and breezes and blue skies.

Stay well, stay safe, and most of all stay grateful!