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Sunday Snippet: The Back Home Again Edition

We’re back in the city after just over a week at the lake. It was very nice there–swimming, a couple of boat rides, time with lake pals… all in all, the lake was lovely.

Our city neighbors came up for a day while we were there and we really enjoyed visiting in a different venue. The lake was turning over, so we didn’t get to swim, but we took a long boat ride and enjoyed the sun and the lovely early September breezes. Lunch was hot dogs on the grill, chips, veggies, and some delish brownies that neighbor Mary brought. Yum! We sat on the deck under the trees and talked just like we do when we’re on our deck in the city.

Earlier in the week, lake buddy, Cindy took Moe and Har and me for a boat ride on the choppy Sunday lake, which is more fun that it might sound. We skimmed across the water, and then anchored out of the line of traffic. Cindy tossed out a Maui Mat (just huge foam mat that holds several adults) and we all tumbled onto it with our adult beverages. We laughed and talked and shared girl stories and just had a blast. You know, I’m just now coming out of my pandemic hibernation, where girl times were few and far between. It was a perfect Sunday afternoon with my pals and I loved it! So much so that I’m willing to post this picture of me with the gals on the mat–that’s me at the far end, in case you don’t recognize me in the navy blue suit and that nutty straw hat. I generally object strenuously to having my picture taken in swimwear, but I’m gradually getting over the whole, “don’t take my picture, I’m fat” thing. I’m leaning more toward “don’t look at me if you don’t like how I look.” Personally, I think I’m looking pretty good for a gal who’s smiling at 69.

We got to spend time with Son, DIL, and Grandboy on the weekend. Husband and Son spent time fishing. We read a lot. Husband worked on the Mercedes, which is his summer project now that he’s feeling so much better post-colon-cancer crisis. I’m so glad he’s getting back to his busy self again. I got to have a work day with Liz, which is always restorative. I started a new novel during our work day and we hashed out Liz’s current WIP. I sent the completed first draft of Jo’s story (The Weaver Sisters book 2) to my editor. My heart will be in my throat until I hear back from her, but that’s always the case when I turn in a story.

All in all, it was a real vacation. A nice one.

This week, I’ll work on a couple of editing gigs, write every morning, get my print books packed for Harvest Fest, which is happening in one week, and keep working on promotion for The Fireman’s Christmas Wish. Sister Pam and I need to connect to put our Wine and Romance basket together for the Nickel Plate Arts Gala that’s coming up soon. Mostly, just regular home stuff happening here. What’s happening where you are?

Gratitude for this week: fun time with lake gals, good work day with Liz, fun time with our city neighbors, lake pal Bill got a good cancer report–his numbers rocked, and the weather is starting to feel a little bit like fall. YAY!

Stay well, stay safe, hang on to those masks, we’re not done with them yet, be kind, and most of all, mes amies, stay grateful,




  • Roseann McGrath Brooks

    What does “the lake was turning over” mean? The human-made lakes in our Pocono development don’t turn over; we just get warnings every once in while to stay away because of the fecal coliform levels (goose droppings).

    • Nan

      It has to do with the water temperature being different on the bottom of the lake than on the surface and the water from below rises and brings stuff with it that you don’t want to swim in–it clears pretty quickly, but there’s about 24 hours of not so pretty. It’s a natural phenomenon and happens every fall. Makes for good fishing as I understand it.