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Sunday Snippet: The Annnd… We’re Off! Edition

105 S Van Buren Street Nashville, IN 47448 - Annie Scott Realty Group LLCAnd so we are. Today, Liz and I are headed down to the hills of Southern Indiana for a writing retreat–our annual winter event. This is our third January retreat. We stay in a beautiful and comfortable inn in the center of the cute little town of Nashville. The Artist’s Colony Inn is the perfect place for a winter retreat with large cozy rooms and a fab restaurant, plus breakfast is included with our room.

Our first Nashville retreat was in 2022 and we happened upon the Artist’s Colony after our original hotel turned out to be … well, not really prepared for our visit. Anyway, we scooted into town, checked out the Artist’s Colony, and they were so warm and welcoming, we immediately booked in. We both got a lot of writing done, tasted some wine and drank some wine, ate some delish food, and checked out some fun shops. It was such a great time, we decided to do again in 2023.

And here we are in 2024–our third time to do this. It looks like we’re establishing a tradition, doesn’t it? I’d say that’s probably pretty true. Liz and I are both traditionalists in the old-fashioned sense of the word, so it only makes sense that we’d fall in love with the Artist’s Colony and this sweet little town.

We’ll be writing, wandering, writing, eating, writing, drinking wine, and probably more writing. I have a 10K words goal. We shall see, eh? So hold a good thought for us. We’ll probably check in–maybe here, maybe on Facebook or Instagram. But mostly, we’ll be writing!

Gratitude for this week: Weather warmed up enough to walk outside; lunch with my Lovelies; I’ve got eggnog to bring with me on retreat; got to se MIL yesterday and she’s doing well in the nursing home; tomorrow we leave for retreat! Lunch with sister–great chance to catch up and reserve some sister time since by the time I get back from retreat, she’ll be on her way south. 

Stay well, stay safe, be kind, and most of all, mes amis, stay grateful!