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Author Spotlight: Dakota Harrison is Back with Exciting News!

We have a winner! Kathleen Shaputis, your name was randomly selected to receive a free e-book from Dakota! She will be in touch with you! Thanks, everyone, for stopping by! We love talking to our readers!
I’m welcoming fellow Tule author Dakota Harrison back into the Spotlight today. Dakota lives in a (not so) sunny part of Queensland, Australia, with her human and fur kids, and harbors a strange love of UGG boots. K- and J-Pop feature heavily in her home, especially when drafting her novels, drawing inspiration for her heroes from the music videos and anime, much to her children’s delight and her husband’s sufferance. She loves writing both alpha and beta heroes, all of whom she tortures and makes fall to their knees before their heroines and beg for mercy.

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Hi everyone!
It’s so lovely to be here again, Nan. Thank you for having me.
I have some fabulous news! The series I am writing for Tule, and one particular set of characters, has finaled in the Australian Romance Readers Association awards (ARRA). ARRA has been a huge supporter of Australian Romance Fiction and the authors for many years. They do a wonderful job and I’m humbled for Be My Baby to be in the running.
The categories are: Favorite Continuing Series, and Favorite Couple in a Romance. Also, I have started a new indie Scifi and Paranormal brand with a good friend, and my debut Scifi/Space Opera Romance, The Finding, has also finaled in the Favorite Scifi/Paranormal, Furtuistic section. To say I’m excited is an understatement.
Being a Tule author has opened so many doors for me and improved my writing craft so very much with the guidance of my fabulous editor. I’ve hit personal writing milestones that I honestly think wouldn’t have happened without them. The main one being having won the Australian RUBY Award last year for Hometown Cowboy. I’ve had my eye on one of those little beauties since I first saw one at my very first conference back in 2007, and didn’t think it was possible. 🙂
Fiona and I have two new Tule books out this year! Keep an eye out in March and April—big things are happening in the Crossing, and my book in particular deals with the fallout of some significant heartbreak for one of our favorite characters. Stay tuned!
In other news, it’s the height of summer over here in Australia, and it’s HOT. We currently have a cyclone bearing down on my state, and are waiting (with some slight trepidation) for the direction it’s going to head once it makes landfall. Yes, it will bring rain, but the problem is, it will bring too much rain. We, personally, will be okay, but the communities below the Great Divide will suffer as there is nowhere for the water left to go. The ground is already saturated. Fingers crossed the prediction models are wrong!


For the chance to win an e-copy of either Be My Baby (Max and Millie’s story from the above award final), or my new Scifi romance The Finding by Angelica Grymm (my new shared name!), tell me what situation would you prefer to find yourself in if you were the heroine in a romance novel? For example: snowed in with the hero (either you you like him or can’t stand him, whichever you prefer 😉 ); Thrown together at a wedding; you’re his/or he’s your new boss etc. Leave a comment below for the chance to win! We’ll draw a winner on Saturday morning. Have fun!
Thanks for having me, and have a fabulous day!
~ Dakota x.