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Sunday Snippet: A Garden Tour Edition

Confessions time: My brain is mush. I have nothing brilliant or even halfway intelligent to offer this morning. I wish I did. So, this edition of the Sunday Snippet is compliments of my genius writing bestie, Liz Flaherty, who said to me, “Take a picture and write about it.” You get several pictures as I give you a little tour of my gardens or as Liz calls them, my “flowerbeds.” One day, either she or I will explore the difference in those two terms, but not today. Today, I’m going to show you my flowers.

First, here’s a shot of my incredible front garden–the window you see is my office window, so when I open the blinds, this is my view. Gorgeous, eh? I’d like to take credit for all this, but a good bit of it was here when we moved in, although we had no idea because it was the dead of winter and everything was brown and cut to the bone.

I can sorta take credit for these amazing calla lilies. They started as a housewarming gift in a pot and I let it die back and then stuck it in the ground last spring. It grew nicely, so, again, I pulled it out in the fall, let it die back, and replanted it this past spring. Look at this baby! It’s huge and gorgeous!
This hydrangea is even more beautiful than last summer and the shasta daisies in the corner of the picture are adorable!
My mailbox bed brings me joy with the sweet spring daisies and primroses. Soon, morning glory will cover the post and bloom well into fall.

The glads are just amazing this year and have returned in five different colors when last year, they were all red. Dunno why, but I’m very glad (see what I did there?)!










Hope you enjoyed this little garden tour.

Stay well, stay safe, wear your mask, and remember, mes amies, always stay grateful!

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