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Who Would Visit?

I’m seriously considering putting up a new page on this website–a blog featuring my fictional town of River’s Edge, Indiana. A place where readers, writers, and small town aficionados can come and share ideas and pictures and stories relating to small town life. Do you live in a small town? Were you raised in a small town? Do you wish you lived in a small town? Want to share your experiences?

I would be able to share more about River’s Edge, the townsfolk, and the history. Who would like to know Mac Mackenzie’s journey? How about what life was like when Donal and Maggie Flaherty immigrated from Ireland? Maybe some stories about the Flaherty boys and the Lange brothers growing up on the river? Aidan’s teenage days on the showboat? Megan, Holly, and Tierney’s life as little girls in that river town? Who broke Dot Higgins’s heart? Stories about Noah Barker and the Langes or Paula Meadows? Recipes from Mac’s Riverside Diner or Holly’s Tea Leaf Cafe? Maybe even Hutchin’s House tavern’s chili recipe?


Also, maybe I we could have some conversations about the real-life towns on the Ohio River? Madison? Vevay? Rising Sun? The Southern Indiana Wine Trail? Clifty Falls State Park? The Falls of the Ohio? Lewis and Clark? The Madison Regatta? And of course all things wine! There’s wonderful history, culture, and fascinating places to visit and see along the mighty Ohio River.

Just tossing it out there… talk to me.



  • Margie Senechal

    I felt like I grew up in a small town because we were limited to our grade school neighborhood and my house was sandwiched between my grandparents and great-great aunt.

    That small town is now the 4th biggest city in our state and adjacent to Portland,OR (yes, that Portland, the one continually in the news lately)

    I love the idea of a small town—But they almost seem like Narnia sometimes, a nice little fantasy. Lol Which might explain my love of Hallmark movies.

    But, I think anyway you can interact with your fans and let them explore world is always a great idea.

    • Nan

      Wow! that’s amazing how your hometown has grown over the years. I grew up in the “big city,” so small town life seems like a fantasy to me, too. But isn’t that what fiction is all about? I do want a way to interact with readers, so I’m hoping this might be the answer. 😉

  • Rebecca Warner

    I like the idea, but this does not say “small town” to me. I could envision the smaller community within the city in Four Irish Brothers. Is that what you’re thinking of? It sure would be nice to “visit” memories and visions of small towns.