Weekend Writing Warriors 8-Sentence Sunday #4

Last week, I posted a first scene snippet from my current work in progress/revision, The Music Is You. Carrie Halligan’s worst fears are realized when her former lover, symphony conductor Liam Reilly, suddenly appears in the small Michigan town where she’s raising her son as a single mom. Liam’s surprised to see her too, and in this later scene, he’s in his hotel room, trying to wrap his mind around the events in the bar earlier.  Here’s another snippet from that book, this time from Liam’s POV.

What he’d recognized was the way she played—leaning into the piano, her slender fingers dancing lightly across the keyboard, emotion caressing each and every note. Only one person in the world played with such passion and effortless grace. Caroline Halligan. Apparently she’d taken a stage name—Beth Davis—but there was no doubt in his mind it was his Carrie at that piano.

He’d sent the request up with the bartender on a whim, then sat stunned by her dismay when she read it. Her eyes had widened in panic as she gazed out into the audience. Then she bolted—not quite the reaction he’d hoped for—or expected.

Even more bewildering was his own reaction to seeing her again—she stole his breath away, exactly as she had the very first time he saw her in Montreal.

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