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Spam…Not the Meat-in-a-Can Version

I’m baffled. My website guru has done all he can to prevent me from being spammed—you know when some robot trashes your blog with about a hundred comments, selling everything from luggage to t-shirts? It seems when I post more frequently than once a week, I end up coming in to clean out a ton of spam. The good news is all comments have to be approved here, so none of this crap is ever seen by my readers. But geesh, it’s demoralizing to get a note saying “you’ve got 36 new comments,” only to find out I have 5 new comments and 31 spam attempts. So how is it getting through? And is it just the fate of a blogger to deal with this stuff? I don’t like it.

And speaking of things I don’t like… I also don’t like the fact that my personal email is getting spammed as well. This really ticks me off even more because I’m getting ads for…get ready for it…seniors. No kidding! People are trying to sell me hearing aids, for pity’s sake! And deals on senior housing and products to make  my “golden years” more comfortable like walk-in tubs and collapsible canes. Come on! Really? I’m turning 60 this year, not 90!  And how does anyone know to target me anyway? There’s nothing in my email addy to indicate how old I am. I don’t remember signing up for any senior deals. Who gave these guys my contact info?

I’d like to tell them what a hard year this is for me. Explain that my mom died when she was 60 years old, and that since then, my worst fear is dying at 60. I’m turning 60 this year, folks, please stop making it worse than it already is. Why not send me ads for sexy lingerie, delicious chocolate, or amazing wines? Send me a promo for an incredible deal on a trip to Tuscany or a ski weekend in Vermont or some drop-dead gorgeous CFM shoes.

Eiffel TowerHow about it? Give a girl a break. Don’t tell me how great it would be to prevent my ancient bones from crumbling or move my bowels regularly—tell me how wondrous it would be to spend a month in Paris. Okay?


  • Bill Facker

    Aloha Nan .. I suffer the spam attack as well. The positive .. it keeps me running in to thwart the rascals! Glad I’ve found your site .. saw you posted on French Word A Day. Hopefully we will all find “The Spamanator” one day and finally be rid of the nuisance. Happy Writing! Bill Facker

    • Nan

      Hey Bill, hello! So glad you stopped by! I’m crazy about Kristin’s blog and clearly, crazy about Paris. I’ve only been one time, but it was the time of my life! Can’t wait to go back–if I sell some more books, that is my reward. Going to go check out your blog now–Hawaii and Paris–that’s a good life, my friend.

    • Nan

      Judy! What a sweetie you are! Yeah, it is great consolation–thanks. I will say my Mom looked 60, maybe older when she died. The years weren’t kind to her…but her face was always alight with love, so she was truly beautiful. I hope that’s what people see when they look at my face.

  • Robena Grant

    I notice that I get more spam to my emails when I’ve done research. It’s the footprints we leave. My blog isn’t bad at all, maybe one or two a night. And they are really hilarious.
    But yes, I always shake my head at the viagra and cialis spammers. : )

    • Nan

      Hi Roben, thanks for stopping by! Yeah, the enhancement things crack me up–do they really think I’m going to buy that stuff illegally and because they filled my email inbox with ads for it?

  • Donna Meents

    OK, Nancy…..I will tell you how great it is to spend a month in Paris. Both time that I did so, I was nursing family back to health. Even when it was mostly work, it was still great. The food, the wine (definitely the wine), the lovely people there….the gardens. I needed to spend time in those gardens so I wouldn’t worry so much.
    Speaking of spending a month there…..I have space right now…if you know someone who can spend the time.
    I can even give lots of guidance on how to stick to a small budget…not easy…but possible.
    Love you….love your blog…and love looking at the pix of grandboy. Will send an email about my new wine-related pt job.

    • Nan

      Donna, you’re tempting me! If I didn’t have a trip to see Grandboy, I’d seriously think about it! I’m hoping if I can sell some books this year that next year, I can come to Paris! Do tell me about your wine-related job! Love to hear details!


    Hi Nan…I too have been flooded with alot of extra spam and unwanted e-mails slipping past the spam filter…I get Mesh recalls and offers to enlarge my “stuff”…I don’t even have one of those…lol..well technically I do ,but he should be getting those emails,not…I think it is a new wave of hackers popping up….maybe they will find somebody else to pick on…..and p.s. YOU ARE NOT GETTING OLD….90 is old….”HUG”