Weekend Writing Warriors 8-Sentence Sunday #3

I’m stepping away from Like Fine Wine for a week to give you a tiny taste of another book  I’m doing revision work on, The Music Is You. I think I might go back and forth between them for a few weeks because LFW’s main character, Julianne Miles was a secondary character in Music, which is her best friend Carrie’s story. Carrie Halligan is a single mom, raising a teenaged son on the shores of Lake Michigan in a small town near Traverse City. Her world gets turned upside down when her son’s father, sexy symphony conductor Liam Reilly, suddenly appears on the scene after almost sixteen years. Carrie once believed she was going to be a concert pianist like her mother, but life took a different turn, but now, for fun, she plays requests at bar every other Saturday night.  This snippet is is from the first scene:

Haydn’s Concerto in C Major.

She gazed at the paper, uncomprehending as her heart pounded in her ears, shutting out the chatter in the bar.

Dear God in heaven. Who requested this?

Her fingers shook and the words on the paper blurred. Only one person would ask her to play that particular piece, and there was no way on Earth he was in this bar. She closed her eyes, releasing a long, shuddering breath before glancing as casually as she could at the crowd.

Is he here? Is it possible?

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