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Weekend Writing Warriors 8-Sentence Sunday

I’m switching books on you again! Here’s a snippet from Once More From the Top—Carrie’s story from The Women of Willow Bay series. She’s just seen Maestro Liam Reilly for the first time in 16 years and she’s trying to figure out why on earth he is in Willow Bay. Suddenly it occurs to her that her dear friend and former piano coach, Eliot, may have been responsible. Frantic and furious, she dials him and demands to know if he brought Liam to town and why.  Eliot’s response is typically cool and controlled, even though she’s flying apart:

“I can see that talking to you tonight is going to be quite pointless.” Eliot showed no surprise that she’d called him so late. “Go to bed, we’ll have coffee and talk in the morning.”

“No, we’ll talk now.” Panic made her throat tight. “Why is he here?”

“I needed a big name. You know I’m chair of the Lawson fundraiser; I needed someone who could draw a crowd full of deep pockets.”

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So , sorry for hopping back and forth between books, but the first two books in The Women of Willow Bay seriesOnce More From the Top and Sex and the Widow Miles—release together on September 26, 2013. Yout get two books! Watch for them!! Oh, and Happy Birthday to my little brother, Bud! Hope your day is grand and glorious, Dude!