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Weekend Writing Warriors 8-Sentence Sunday

wewriwa_square_3We’re here again—yay! Back in the apartment with a very frustrated and turned-on Julie. She’s trying to figure it all out…

Sex had reared its frustrating little head again, and I hadn’t been so shocked about anything since the night Charlie dropped dead in my arms. Taking a deep breath, I poured some more wine into my glass and slugged it down. It never occurred to me that I’d desire anyone except my husband. I’d never wanted any man but Charlie, so when he died, I assumed I’d live my life as a widow and one day a grandmother, but never again as someone’s lover. When was the appropriate time for a widow to start having carnal thoughts about another man? Only a year after her husband dies? And what would said husband think of me salivating over a man only a few years older than our son? Yeah, my life was changing and I was so much better, but was a fling with Will Brody the right path to take?

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